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There are new trailers in town, and boy are they turning heads. If you haven’t seen a GFAB trailer being towed around by now, you sure will be over the coming months.

Having quickly secured their position as New Zealand’s leading premium alloy boat & ski trailer manufacturer, GFAB knows what it takes to deliver an alloy trailer that is built tough enough to take on whatever adventure you have planned. After years of enquiries and plenty of custom orders shipped across the Tasman, the team at GFAB decided it was time to give the people what they want – a trailer that delivers an unparalleled towing experience. GFAB Trailers have officially opened on the Gold Coast. The newly set-up GFAB facility in Ormeau has jet ski trailers in-stock and is fully equipped for customisation.

These aren’t your usual trailers. GFAB pride themselves in delivering premium trailers and they go the extra mile to ensure it. Every GFAB boat trailer is designed and adjusted for each individual make and model of boat to ensure the perfect fit and ideal balance. This individual design and adjustment not only takes into account any extras that set your boat apart from the rest, it allows your boat to sit as low as possible in the trailer. Sitting low not only gives you a more comfortable and safer towing experience, but it makes launching and retrieving your boat easier than ever. All GFAB trailers are manufactured using premium marine grade aluminium and fitted out with high-quality components. The result is a standout trailer that takes your boat or jet ski set-up to another level.

GFAB has been making serious waves and gaining so much popularity, that they are being put to the test by the likes of Andrew ‘ET’ Ettingshausen, and Paul Worsteling from IFISH TV. These trailers are building their own reputation for quality, durability, and most importantly, safety.

“Never have I had a boat and trailer set-up that fits so well together. This is because the trailers are built to the exact specifications of my boat’s hull rather than being mass produced and then adjusted to the best fit possible.

It’s not just a trailer, it’s a work of art” – Paul Worsteling IFISH TV.

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Published in print April-June 2024