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Maintaining Your Boating Investment

Maintaining Your Boating Investment

Purchasing a sea vessel is a large investment and one that you want to protect. Keeping your boat in good working order will help to maintain its value over time. Proper boat maintenance and repair is absolutely essential to ensure your vessel is worth almost as much when you sell as when you bought.

Boat maintenance does not have to be difficult. There are some simple tasks you can undertake on a regular basis to keep your boat in ship shape. Easy chores, such as washing and waxing your boat’s fibreglass exterior, help protect the external appearance of your asset.

However, boat hull maintenance should not be the only item on your list. Regular cleaning of the interior is just as important. Uncleaned canvas and upholstery can lead to the growth of mould and mildew. Protecting against these organisms ensures your boat looks great inside and out and retains its overall value. Keeping the interior areas clean also helps to identify any issues in your bilge. A dirty or chalky bilge can disguise fluid and fuel leaks, both of which, if not addressed in a timely manner, can lead to major issues down the road. It is also recommended to flush your engine after boating in saltwater, based on your manufacturer’s recommendations. Salt buildup can block your cooling system. This can cause overheating and corrode your boat’s engine from the inside out.

Experts recommend following four-step maintenance routines. “B.E.S.T.” means checking your boat, your equipment, the safety elements, and the trailer. Ensuring all your onboard safety equipment is in full working condition means that should you encounter problems on the open seas, you will be well prepared and able to rectify the situation quickly. This helps prevent any further impact to your asset. Checking your boat trailer on a regular basis can help prevent bumps and scrapes in transport. Make sure you check not only the elements that physically make contact with your boat, but also items such as your trailer’s brake lights, tyre pressure and wheel bearings. All of these elements, though separate to the boat’s housing, are vital in protecting your investment during transport.

Ensuring your boat’s battery maintenance is properly taken care of helps to extend its shelf life and bodes well for your boat as a whole when the time comes to sell. If you have a serviceable battery, remember to regularly check and fill it with distilled water. The battery is the heart of your boat and needs to be taken care of. A boat with a good track record of overall performance is most likely to fetch a higher price at time of sale.

On top of these regular, easy at-home tasks, the best way to maintain your boat’s value is by ensuring it meets regular servicing requirements. Speak to your broker or dealer when purchasing your vessel and find out ahead of time what is required for your particular model. Different manufacturers require different servicing updates for their vessels. Your requirements will also vary depending on your boat’s internal and external makeup.

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Published in the August – November 2020 print edition.

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