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Supercharge Sea Master Marine Battery is the premium choice for marine battery.

The re-engineered container and cell design is made more durable, delivering tight-fitting elements and better channelling of residue preventing short circuits and improving vibration resistance. The Dura Connectors are re-engineered to facilitate a more efficient current flow to deliver maximum capacity and better durability.

The improved process design provides stronger plate assembly bonding for better vibration resistance and longer service life. The construction of the calcium plates in super-compressed rolled strips creates a dense grid pattern allowing for a more compact unit, less vulnerable to heat & corrosion and delivering efficient cranking power.

The addition of higher density paste formulation gives improvement with the batteries semi-cycling ability. Higher Reserve Capacity means it, holds charge longer, giving the benefits of superior performance and outstanding durability. PE Ultra Separator has an increased thickness which improves strength, offering superior puncture resistance and exceptional durability.

Sea Master batteries also have a specially designed Unified Flame Eliminator which provides protection from explosions triggered by external ignition sources. Having pure electrolyte allows improved battery charge ability, delivering higher capacity and allowing the use of more accessories for longer time.



Vibration resistant

Premium, extra heavy duty marine battery

Up to 24 months warranty

 From the outside, Sea Master Marine Batteries have improved features for your convenience. The fold down carry handle is easy to use, provides ergonomic handling and tucks in flush with the battery lid for safe and hassle-free installation.

The presence of hydro eye is as a built-in charge indicator, providing a convenient read of the battery’s condition. The presence of twin terminals provides convenient and safe electrical connections for both starting application and accessory attachments.

Peace of mind from Australia’s trusted marine battery, Supercharge Sea Master is clearly the marine battery for you.




Published in print July-September 2021

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