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Our Boating Life

Our Boating Life

By Georgia Southon

Lindsay and Karen, a boating enthusiast couple, have found their waterfront paradise in Redcliffe, on Moreton Bay, known as the home of the Bee Gees.

Nestled in this peninsula paradise, they have built their dream beach house, opting for a Sealegs 9.0m Hydrasol amphibious super RIB named KarlaLeigh, after their daughter. Unlike most boats, KarlaLeigh has a custom shed tailor-made to house it, emphasising the uniqueness of this amphibious vessel.

Having previously enjoyed larger motor yachts in Fort Lauderdale, Lindsay and Karen decided against the commitment of owning a motor yacht when they moved to Redcliffe. Instead, they envisioned a versatile vessel suitable for day trips, fishing, exploring Tangalooma wrecks, beach picnics, and whale watching. The Sealegs 9.0m Hydrasol, with its Yamaha 425hp outboard and Jolt Rider suspension seats, became their top choice.

The couple initially ordered the standard 9-metre model but, after visiting the factory and meeting Sealegs’ CEO, David McKee Wright, they decided to combine the luxurious fit-out of the 7.5-metre model with a larger engine, resulting in a highly customised 9-metre vessel. This aluminum Hydrasol boasts cutting-edge amphibious technology, maximising deck space and improving on-water performance.

KarlaLeigh includes several custom features, such as a black T-top designed by Paul Selby at Black Marlin Towers, seamlessly blending with the boat’s aesthetics. The vessel, rated for 12 passengers, prioritises deck space, offering room for gear and eskies, with life jacket storage built into the T-top. Additional rear seating, European upholstery, integrated sink, fridge, and Corian benchtop complete the boat’s practical and luxurious features.

Equipped with Simrad navigation gear, Fusion Apollo Marine Entertainment System, and a RailBlaza mounting system, the Sealegs 9.0m is designed for both functionality and entertainment. On land, powered by a 35hp inboard petrol engine, it moves at a sedate 7.5 kilometres per hour, but on water, the Yamaha XF425 V8 XTO outboard propels it to a thrilling top speed of 50 knots. Lindsay describes the experience as exhilarating, emphasising the seaworthiness of the vessel with a 23-degree deadrise at the transom, six-chamber Hypalon tubes, and a robust hull structure.

Since taking delivery, Lindsay has been refining his land manoeuvring skills and exploring the wonders of Moreton Bay. Joining the community of around 20 Sealegs owners in the area, he has become part of the broader Sealegs family, with 260 owners Australia-wide since the brand’s launch in 2004. The Sealegs story continues to evolve, with Lindsay and Karen’s dream beach house now complemented by the unique allure of KarlaLeigh, a testament to the innovation and excitement that Sealegs brings to boating enthusiasts worldwide.

Published in print April-June 2024



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