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Outboard Innovation

Outboard Innovation

Yamaha Marine introduces new models that further enhance their commitment to integrated powerplants for modern boating. The F150, F175, and F200 models boast innovative integrated steering and a sleek new design. Additionally, Yamaha expands its powerful XTO Offshore lineup by introducing a new 450 horsepower model, complementing the existing XTO 425. The XTO 450 comes with exciting features, making it one of the most comprehensive high horsepower offshore powerplants ever built.

Yamaha’s new F150, F175, and F200 outboards are based on the existing 2.7L (F150 mechanical) and 2.8L (F150, F175, and F200) platforms, known for their high-quality, reliable, and durable performance. These engines have set new standards in power, performance, and fuel efficiency for four-cylinder outboard design. To elevate these engines, Yamaha offers two options for innovative integrated steering. Skippers can choose between complete digital control with Integrated Electro-Hydraulic Steering or traditional hydraulic steering, now fully integrated within a sealed cylinder on the transom bracket of the engine for a cleaner appearance and rigging.

The Integrated Digital Electro-Hydraulic Steering utilizes an electric helm connected to the steering control unit within the engine. Skipper input at the helm is transmitted to an electric pump, which actuates the hydraulic steering. This system provides smooth and responsive steering and allows for customizable steering settings. The Integrated Hydraulic Steering, on the other hand, utilizes conventional hydraulic helm and lines connected to a hydraulic steering cylinder built into the transom bracket. This system offers the precision and simplicity of high-quality hydraulic steering, with added protection against the elements and accidental impact damage.

Yamaha also provides two options for throttle and shift control, Mechanical or Digital Electronic, to complement the new integrated steering options. This comprehensive lineup allows customers to choose from three levels of engines based on their preferences.

The F150, F175, and F200 models, equipped with Digital Electric Throttle and Shift Control, feature Yamaha’s TotalTilt™ system. This system allows for complete tilt up of the engine from any position with a simple double-click of the “UP” trim/ tilt button, enhancing the user experience. The engines also come with a built-in integrated tilt limiter for automatic adjustment to the maximum tilt angle suitable for the boat.

For boats equipped with Yamaha’s Helm Master EX Autopilot and Joystick boat control system, there is an option to install a propeller light directly into the rear apron of the outboard motor. This eliminates the need for independent installation on the transom and clearly indicates when the boat is actively in Helm Master EX SetPoint mode.

Yamaha introduces the XTO Offshore XF450, expanding their high-power XTO Offshore lineup. The XTO 450 shares the same features as the original XTO 425, including the 5.6L, direct injected V8 engine. The new XTO 450 delivers even more power, providing greater torque and thrust for larger offshore boats. It also offers enhanced features to further improve its groundbreaking design.

To meet the electrical demands of larger boats, the XTO Offshore 450 features a three-phase, simultaneous charging system that delivers an impressive net electric current at lower rpm. This system allows for the use of high-demand devices like gyro stabilizers, air conditioning, and sound systems.

Yamaha’s TotalTilt™ feature is included in the XTO Offshore 450, enabling faster and easier engine tilting. With a double-push of the “UP” or “DOWN” trim/tilt button, the engine can be fully tilted up or down, respectively. A warning horn alerts users during these operations.

The XTO Offshore 450 showcases a new cowling shape and design with raised chrome graphics, a restyled rear panel, a flush-mounted manual flush connection, and hidden external wiring near the bracket. Additionally, Yamaha introduces two new XTO prop options: the XTO EC®prop, designed to reduce ventilation for bigger and heavier boats, and a 27-inch pitch prop for lighter vessels, potentially increasing top-end speed. The XTO 450 Offshore is available in signature grey or pearlescent white.

Yamaha continues to advance boating technology with their new models, providing integrated powerplants, innovative steering options, enhanced control features, and increased charging power. These additions demonstrate Yamaha’s commitment to delivering reliable, high-performance outboards for a wide range of boating needs.

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Published in print July-September 2023