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Queensland Recreational Boating Council

Queensland Recreational Boating Council

by August 17, 2016

The Queensland Recreational Boating Council Inc. (QRBC) was formed in 1969. Since then the Council has delivered over forty five years of uninterrupted service for boaties. It is the peak recreational boating organisation for Queensland with representatives from clubs, government and associated agencies meeting monthly.


The Council held its inaugural meeting in 1969. The meeting took place at The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron Headquarters and the agenda items included the dredging of the One Mile, netting in Horseshoe Bay, buoys and beacons in Moreton Bay, moorings at the One Mile, ammunition dumping, Wynnum Creek dredging, pollution of waterways, Cleveland jetty and congestion on Waterloo Bay.


The foundation clubs were: Queensland Yachting Association (QYA), Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron (RQYS), Little Ship Club (LSC), Queensland Cruising Yacht Club (QCYC), South Queensland Power Boat Club (SQPBC) and Queensland Professional Fishermen’s League (QPFL).


It was resolved that an invitation be extended to northern clubs to join as representatives and a short time after there was acceptance from Hervey Bay Boat Club and a Townsville club.


In 1975, the Council submitted to the Marine Board of Queensland an extensive proposal on licensing requirements for motor boat/motor vessel operators. The proposal included: test on competency, an oral test to demonstrate a sound knowledge of collision regulations, elementary fire-fighting knowledge, reading compass and charts, and basic knowledge of navigation. It was requested that tests be conducted by Boating Patrol officers, shipping inspectors or a person appropriately trained and nominated by an approved Club or Organisation.


Over the years the Council has continued to have input into the various legislative, infrastructure, navigation and safety requirements of the recreational boating community. Membership has grown substantially and representation of the recreational boating public has remained current with the inclusion of Jet Skis and other recreational vessels.


All of the relevant government departments have high level delegates in attendance at the meetings. This allows for what can sometimes be lively debate and consultation to move forward on significant issues. Information can be quickly communicated to the Club delegates and members, and in turn feedback is quickly communicated back to the authorities.


Membership of QRBC is restricted by invitation from the Council, to boating clubs and government departments. Membership is not open to individuals. Each member organisation appoints a high level representative who attends the monthly meetings to be consulted on current issues as well as tabling new issues from their own club members.

The meetings usually take place at Manly with some variation to accommodate new facility excursions. With modern day technology, the Council has also begun implementing the facility for regional representatives to join the meetings live.


If any club or organisation is interested in becoming involved, please feel welcome to contact the Vice Chairman, Mandy Brown at 0449 077 747 or

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