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Meet Jane McNeill at this year’s Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

Jane McNeill is the CEO of Australian Marine
Sales and founder of She Knows Boats

Jane McNeill is the CEO of Australian Marine Sales and the visionary behind ‘She Knows Boats,’ an exclusive community designed for women deeply connected with the world of boating and luxury, as well as those seeking to engage with a vibrant women’s club.

Australian Marine Sales offers a comprehensive range of marine services, serving as a one-stop shop for all boating needs. From sales of both new and brokerage vessels to charter boat rentals, along with an array of top-quality products such as watermakers, LED custom boat names, underwater lights, gyros, stabilisers, and bespoke interior services, the team ensures a seamless experience for every marine enthusiast.

OUR MARINE FAMILY – For Jane and her family, the marine industry isn’t just a livelihood; it’s a shared passion. Jane’s spouse is also deeply involved in the sector, leading his own enterprise and overseeing a team of marine electricians. Living on the Gold Coast is driven by a desire for the lifestyle benefits the region offers, particularly its expansive waterways and premier boatyard and refit facilities, and a wondrous environment to raise kids. Their personal connection with boating spans from owning various vessels, including Mariner, Chaparral and Sea Ray models, to cherishing moments of relaxation and connection with family amidst nature.

A LUXURY WOMEN’S CLUB – Jane’s extensive experience in boat sales and her relationships within the industry inspired her to establish “She Knows Boats” Luxury Women’s Club. This exclusive community hosts regular events, including official launches, superyacht soirées, fashion and car shows, providing a platform for networking and camaraderie among like-minded individuals. These meticulously curated gatherings, often sponsored by prestigious brands like Campari and leading boat and supercar manufacturers, celebrate the epitome of luxury living.

The concept for She Knows Boats emerged from a recognition of a gap in the luxury sector, particularly in catering exclusively to women passionate about yachting and maritime lifestyles. The platform serves as a hub for women to connect, share experiences, and indulge in their mutual love for luxury boating.

Furthermore, She Knows Boats exemplifies a commitment to client appreciation by organising exceptional events and gatherings. These occasions not only foster networking opportunities but also express gratitude to the loyal supporters of the She Knows Boats community.

THE FEMALE BROKER – It’s important to recognise the positive shift towards increased female representation in the industry, which brings invaluable diversity and fresh viewpoints. While success in brokerage hinges on dedication and hard work, irrespective of gender, the rising presence of women in what has historically been a male-dominated domain is a testament to progress and the new needs in boating.

Having a female boat broker offers distinct advantages, particularly for women or families engaging in boat transactions. Firstly, a female broker may possess a deeper understanding of the specific needs and preferences of women or families, enabling more personalised recommendations tailored to their requirements. Additionally, clients often appreciate the relatability and empathetic approach that a female broker brings to the table, fostering a supportive atmosphere throughout the buying or selling process. Moreover, the unique perspective a female broker offers in negotiations and transactions can lead to more favourable outcomes.

Overall, engaging a female boat broker can provide a supportive and empathetic experience for women or families navigating the complexities of the boat market.

To connect with Jane, call 0432-537-524 for a chat or email



Published in print April-June 2024


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