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Salena and Graham Poyser are new to boating and were keen to build on the basic knowledge they obtained during the boat license process, so they engaged the services of Karla Herbert-Evans from Nautical Training & Marine Services, to ensure they achieve maximum enjoyment out of their boat whilst still remaining safe.

The sessions with Karla entailed boat handling skills including low speed manoeuvring, docking and navigation, as they made their way to Tipplers followed by a winding return journey through the northern branch of the Coomera River.

As a Boatsafe training provider since 2006, Karla has had the opportunity to offer comprehensive education to both new and experienced mariners, that give them the skills and knowledge to confidently undertake basic navigation, boat handling and understand the safety requirements and their responsibilities under the law. Upon successful completion of your course, Karla will issue a Certificate of Competency or Achievement Award.

Karla’s sessions are always detailed and a fun way to improve your boating skills, allowing new boat owners to gain confidence with all aspects of boat handling.

“The session with Karla made a huge difference to our level of knowledge and certainly gave us confidence to tackle small trips on our own. The training was delivered in a calm and considered fashion with the rationale explained too. Karla also provided some takeaway reading that will act as a reference point for us. We have booked another session where hopefully we will tackle crossing the seaway and exploring other areas of the Gold Coast. For us, it’s well worth the investment.”

For further education about your boating, Karla recommends Advanced Practicals and Offshore Navigation Courses. To book these courses or boat licence and jet ski licence training and assessment, as well as AMSA Exemption 38 course, contact Karla directly at karla@ Ph: 0412 550 570


The family purchased a brand new Stejcraft SS64, an exciting sports runabout offering family comforts for relaxed weekend boating.

The high quality bowrider specifically designed for Australian conditions, built tougher than competing sports boats in this class, is capable of rough inshore and offshore waters, and the boat looks absolutely world-class.

The SS64 is 6.4m in length and has a 2.45m beam that can carry 200lt of fuel in the tank. The spacious universal layout lends itself to any type of water sports you are undertaking, while offering luxurious comfort. The seating, easily able to accommodate eight people on board, is deeply inserted into the cockpit for a safe feel when in an adrenaline-filled sports mode, or while simply relaxing.

The helm allows for a built-in 7” GPS sounder. A high quality stereo system is built into the dash connecting four speakers, well positioned around the cockpit, and a six-gang switch panel with spare switches for future accessories.

Offering outstanding maneuvering flexibility, the hull will not drop off the plane at a low speed, allowing for a young child to kneeboard at safe speeds. The hull also naturally creates a fantastic wake for the aspiring wake boarder. And most importantly, with a 21-degree dead rise, the hull makes easy work of those bad weather conditions, ensuring your family will get home quickly and safely.




Published in print January-March 2023