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Anchor Right Australia proudly marks over twenty-five years as a pioneering force in innovative boat anchor concepts, showcasing an illustrious journey at the forefront of anchor design and development. The company’s groundbreaking invention, the Super SARCA, stands as a revolutionary force in the anchor industry, introducing a versatile and adaptable anchor design. Through meticulous patent research and widespread acclaim among fishing enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand, the SARCA (Sand And Reef Combination Anchor) has risen to prominence as the preferred choice for numerous boat builders, frequently integrated as a standard fixture.

The Super SARCA has showcased exceptional performance across a diverse array of watercraft, including pleasure boats, live-aboard yachts, and commercial vessels weighing up to 300 tonnes. Even larger models, boasting weights of up to 225kg, have become staples on trawlers and ferries throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Twelve years ago, in a significant leap forward, Anchor Right Australia expanded its anchor repertoire with the introduction of the SARCA Excel.

This innovative addition was specifically tailored to address constraints posed by the roll bar on the Super SARCA. The Excel swiftly captured attention, earning effusive praise on various online forums and blogs, with users lauding it as the paramount anchor based on their experiences.

A pivotal milestone occurred when the Water Police in Tasmania, following an exhaustive evaluation of Anchor Right’s performance track record, testing protocols, and type-approval certification, selected the SARCA Excel as the anchor of choice for their new sizable police vessel. This resounding endorsement from everyday boaters further solidified the Excel’s reputation as a pinnacle of anchor excellence.

A surprising standout in Anchor Right’s portfolio is the demountable alloy Excel model. Weighing merely half of its steel counterparts, this alloy variant quickly captured attention and has achieved impressive sales figures since its launch. Marrying rapid setting in diverse seabeds, remarkable holding power, and effortless storage, this lightweight anchor emerges as an ideal option for yacht racing, ketches, or as a dependable backup alternative. Customer testimonials affirm that the alloy Excel matches the steel model’s performance benchmarks.

Reassuringly, the Alloy Excel delivers the same unparalleled holding power as the galvanized steel model, proudly holding a type-approval as a Super High Holding Power anchor. Anchor Right’s rigorous testing spans steel, stainless steel, and alloy Excel iterations, involving hundreds of hours to establish their unwavering reliability.

Today, Anchor Right Australia commands a substantial share of the anchoring systems market, offering competitively priced anchors crafted from quality Australian steel. These Australian-made anchors stand as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation. Anchor Right’s unwavering dedication to pioneering anchor testing methodologies has propelled them to the vanguard of the industry, and the evolving landscape of anchor designs fuels their passion to maintain their leading edge.

The ultimate achievement for Anchor Right lies in the unwavering trust extended by thousands of customers. Informed anchor purchasers, recognizing the superior quality and design of Anchor Right’s offerings compared to imported alternatives, consistently opt for the excellence embodied in Anchor Right’s Australian-made products.

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Published in print April-June 2024


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