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A hint – it’s something to do with the rivets and welds.

Ever noticed how the aluminium structure of an aeroplane is riveted with no rolled aluminium and no welds? As soon as you weld aluminium the molecular structure’ of the product weakens by over 50% . Creating a roll in aluminium can only be achieved using low grade aluminium. Rolling imparts immense stress creating weak points and cracks over time.It’s a relief to know that airplanes are constructed using high grade aluminium and without the weak points created by welds.

Using the knowledge gained from the aerospace industry, Swiftco aluminium trailers do not use rolled aluminium or welding in the manufacturing of their impressive aluminium trailer range. In fact, Swiftco trailers are designed by a leading (now local) Aerospace Engineer and Finite Element Analysis Consultant for companies such as Boeing, Airbus, Northrop and UTC Aerospace in the United States.

Swiftco use a composite joint design of two 6mm-thick mild steel plates, creating a joint thickness of 12mm, tested and proven superior in design, durability and strength to other aluminium boat trailers which are constructed with lower grade aluminium and welded joints. Swiftco’s composite joint has undergone rigorous testing and been found to withstand over 4000kg of load without failing. This means that each Swiftco trailer has an incredible 8000kg capacity, way above the specifications for trailers under the Australian Design Rules. No rolled and welded aluminium trailer could withstand that amount of load.

It makes sense right? I know I would prefer my prized boat being towed down the highway by a higher grade tougher Swiftco aluminium trailer. Peace of mind and as their motto reads, you can always trust a Swiftco. Also congratulations to Swiftco on their industry leading 6 YEAR frame warranty. That’s longer than my new car warranty!

I visited Swiftco’s manufacturing complex recently on the Gold Coast and was invited to witness the construction of an impressive 4500kg rated, tri-axle 8-metre SharkCat trailer with a DeeMaxx braking system (pictured). Swiftco use aluminium beams which are T6 temper with a strength of 380MPa- 500MPa, creating an impressively strong frame. At the same time, Swiftco’s team of talented, qualified professionals were also constructing a 10-metre  aluminium boat trailer that was being shipped to PNG and a 6.9-metre for a Medical ship in Indonesia.

As a local Australian family business, the owner, Marcus Gardner operates the facility enabling you to discuss your towing requirements directly. Marcus will build your trailer to your design, with bunks (skids) or rollers and even fit your boat professionally to your trailer, ensuring a safe tow while protecting your boat.

As you are dealing direct with the manufacturer whether for a SWIFTCO aluminium or SWIFTCO hot dipped galvanised trailers, these trailers are very affordable as there is no middle man or dealer structure.

Contact SWIFTCO to get your boat towed on a Swiftco trailer Ph: 1300 95 95 80


Published in print April-June 2024


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