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Wyld About Boats appointed as Kevlacat Dealer

Wyld About Boats appointed as Kevlacat Dealer

by November 15, 2015

Kevlacat Power Boats Australia have appointed Wyld About Boats as key dealer in South East Queensland, a territory spanning south of Gladstone and including Northern NSW.

Hayden Wyld, managing director of Wyld About Boats says, “We wanted an Australian-made fishing boat to sell that could handle our local testing conditions. We chose the Kevlacat as it has proven to stand the test of time. They can easily be optioned to buyers’ needs and custom-built for specific applications. The unique catamaran hull is manufactured from Kevlar—a space-age, super strong yet light material, the very same material used in bullet-proof vests.”

Hayden is one of the city’s most experienced boaties. Growing up in a renowned boat sales family, he knows a good product. “Kevlacat have an almost cult following amongst the fishing community so it makes them very desirable to own and they have excellent resale value which is an important selling feature,” he says.

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Sales expert at Wyld About Boats Rafe Holm knows the Kevlacat boats well, having previously enjoyed 12 years of employment at the Kevlacat factory on the Sunshine Coast. Rafe explains, “Kevlacat boats provide an exceptional level of build quality and have a reputation for being extremely safe. They also offer a comfortable ride in any condition.”

Rafe details, “Kevlacat’s ever-popular boats are the Off-shore Series 2400 which is easily towable with a large 4WD and is one of the safest and best-riding trailer boats on the market. The Series 3000 is also ideally suited for harsh conditions on the east coast of Australia, available in open style Hardtop, Cuddy Cabin and Lockable Hardtop. Both models have exceptional handling characteristics and are one of the quickest travelling rough-water boats on the market. They are perfect for the weekend fisherman who is short on time and wants to get out and back quickly.”

All Kevlacats are built with multiple buoyancy tanks and will remain afloat and stable even with major damages—a virtually unsinkable craft. The hull designs are the result of years of practical experience and extensive ongoing research programme. Kevlacat has a long history of fulfilling the needs of government and non-government organisations, such as the Water Police, Volunteer Coast Guard, VMR and rescue groups. They also specialise in custom commercial boats for the fishing and dive operators.

The Arundel-based powerboat specialist is servicing all makes of engines from their Mercury service department. Hayden declares, “We are able to fit out and rig the boat to your application. Our business premises have a fully equipped workshop as well as on-site service so we deliver comprehensive aftermarket support to all of our Kevlacat customers. Every vessel is extensively water-tested with a sea trial before delivery. We insist that instructional driver training is provided to all customers.”

Wyld About Boats recently celebrated 10 years in business and have built a strong business that is geared towards delivering first-class service. The Kevlacat catamaran has a model in its range that is sure to suit the needs of a recreational angler, a tournament game fisher, a family boater or a commercial operator who makes a living from the boat.


Editorial by Andy Kancachian