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Yamaha has announced the release of their new pearlescent white colour option across the best-selling F50, F70 and F90 outboard range.

This follows the successful rollout of the F115, F150, F200, F250 and F300 pearlescent white outboards earlier in the year.

Yamaha Marine, National Sales and Marketing Manager, Grant Binskin said, “We are seeing strong growth across the industry in the average spend on boating packages, as boaters increasingly demand the latest hull, engine, boating control and display technologies to take their on-water experience to the next level.

“This drive for personalisation and customisation extends to aesthetics, with more and more buyers requesting painted or wrapped hulls, to express their individual styles and tastes.

“Yamaha has come onboard with this trend, by allowing boaties to mix and match their outboard with their hull with the release of our eye-catching pearlescent white outboards, in addition to our ever-popular traditional Yamaha grey.

“We are really excited to finally get our hands on the F50, F70 and F90 pearlescent white models, as they are well suited to 4.2m to 5.2m aluminium and fibreglass boats, which make up a large part of the Australian boating market,” Grant said.


The pearlescent white option is now available across all key models in Yamaha’s mid and high horsepower line-up, from the compact F50 all the way up to their big horsepower F425 XTO.

With current demand for outboards at record levels, Yamaha recommends you contact your local authorised Yamaha dealer today to lock in your order.

An extension to their award winning F20 and F25 outboard range was announced by Yamaha Motor Australia, with the addition of two new short shaft F25 models with power trim and tilt (PTT), a new factory-installed tiller handle on select models and the addition of a secondary manual pull start factory fitted, on all electric models.

Launched in 2017, this model family has continued Yamaha’s proud tradition of producing exceptional small motors designed for durability, reliability and above all else, a more enjoyable time on the water.

These engines saw the release of Yamaha’s very first lightweight battery-less electronic fuel injection (EFI) system, as well as the addition of many great features previously only seen on Yamaha’s bigger horsepower models.

With the industry’s highest power-to-weight ratio, and the option of mechanical and/or electric start, mechanical tilt or PTT, and tiller or forward control options – the F20* and F25 have proven to be hugely popular and very versatile performers in Yamaha’s outboard stable.

The latest F25 model extensions bring PTT functionality across to two new short shaft models, in addition to existing long shaft models. This model variation comes in both tiller and forward control set ups, giving small boat owners more choice and the option to select a premium featured engine for their hull.

In addition, all factory-equipped tiller models that come with PTT, now feature a new tiller handle that is shorter and smaller, making it easier to use in applications where space is limited. The tiller handle has been purpose built for the F20 and F25 and delivers the perfect match of comfortable ergonomics and confident control.

The power tilt and trim switch has been positioned for easy reach and Yamaha’s Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS™) is standard on these models, allowing you to set the perfect speed for trolling your favourite lure.

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Published in print October-December 2022