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A Quiet Revolution

A Quiet Revolution

While all the attention in the marine industry generally goes to all the shiny new boats and motors that get launched and remodelled every year, there is one product that has been quietly starting a revolution. It is not fast; in fact, it generally doesn’t move at all, and is not sexy-looking. You hardly even notice it, but it will save you thousands of dollars a year in the running costs of your boat. What is it?


It is a FAB Dock.


It is the very latest in dry docking technology. The Australian/New Zealand team that developed it spent the past six years perfecting it. And what a job they have done! Not only have they solved all the problems associated with previous systems. But they have been able to bring it to market for about half the price of current alternatives.


With the rapid improvement in materials over the past decade, a 12-volt inflatable dry docking system will quickly banish the old-style hard plastic systems to the way of the dodo bird and typewriter. A FAB Dock is easily installed, easy to move, easy to use, and easy to maintain. As it runs off the 12-volt power from your boat, there are no running costs.


As well as the obvious economic and performance benefits of keeping your boat in your own personal dry docking system, a FAB Dock will help you berth your boat, first time, every time, single-handed. So whether you are new to boating, or your partner is getting sick and tired of leaping from the boat and then getting yelled at for tying the wrong rope to the wrong bollard, then it is time that you had a look at how easy a FAB Dock will make this normally stressful event.


With FAB Docks already in eight countries and hundreds of them in the water all around Australia, the word has already gotten out there on just how cost effective this revolutionary system is. Even though FAB Docks can be built to cater for boats up to 100 feet, the owners of the company are very excited to have recently launched their Universal Range, which caters for most monohull boats up to 29 feet. This means that the FAB Dock price range now starts at just $6990, with the most popular size being boats between 25 and 29 feet, which costs $9990.


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