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By Andrew Kancachian interview with Darren Dench

Meeting the unique needs of superyachts requires a specialised team with extensive knowledge of windows. Each superyacht possesses distinct characteristics, emphasising the importance of thoroughness in the work to ensure customer satisfaction.

For superyachts, windows have become highly technical, with varying requirements based on their location, survey specifications, functionality, and customisation options like toughened laminated, bulletproof, fire-resistant, acoustic, insulated, UV protection, and a wide range of colour choices.

These glass windows and doors often serve structural and aesthetic roles in these costly vessels. The interior of superyachts is synonymous with high quality, necessitating the involvement of only experienced crews to handle window installations without harming any other part of the vessel.

Queensland, known for its prime waterfront locations, has attracted numerous superyacht owners. With the upcoming 2032 Olympics in Queensland, we anticipate a surge in superyacht arrivals, making it an opportune time for window refitting. To meet this heightened demand, Marine Window Services are expanding our team and enhancing their skills.

With headquarters in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and easy access to major marinas around Brisbane, they offer convenient service to all customers in Southeast Queensland, which boasts some of the world’s top refit yards. The company possesses over two decades of experience and has successfully completed 2000+ projects across motor and sail yachts, superyachts, and commercial vessels. Marine Window Services specialise in all glass and plastic requirements, providing consultation, manufacturing, and installation services.

This expertise covers a broad spectrum of external and internal applications, including saloon, bridge, in-hull windows, portlights, hatches, curved windows, windbreaks, balustrades, doors, mirrors, shower screens, decorative screens, and secure/panic rooms. Marine Window Services are certified to supply ISO 614-2012 and ISO 21005-2018, meeting the strict survey requirements for certifications of companies like Lloyds, ABS, RINA, and Bureau Veritas.

The team has replaced windows on a wide range of yachts and superyachts, from 50ft to 300ft, including San Lorenzo, Horizons, Feadships, Ferretti, Benetti, Tecnomar, Trinity, Warren yachts, Sunseeker, Leopard, Aquila, Iliad, Jeanneau, and Clipper. The crew size varies depending on project scope, ranging from 2 to 10 technicians.

The longevity of windows varies based on work type, window count, project scope, and environmental factors. Regular maintenance is essential to prolong the lifespan of windows, considering factors like UV exposure, temperature fluctuations, wind, and salt.

Marine Window Services collaborate with numerous factories, both in Australia and internationally, offering an array of glass and plastic options, including toughened, laminated, ballistic, fire-resistant, solar, and various types of plastics like acrylic and polycarbonate. Superyacht windows serve various purposes, including clear navigation vision, comfortable outdoor viewing, UV and heat reduction, and privacy. Interestingly, some panels can weigh up to 500 kgs.

Window removal from vessels can be challenging due to factors like glass size, access limitations, the risk of internal trim damage, confined working space, fragile surrounding structures, weather conditions, and concurrent trade activities. Marine Window Services’ commitment to compliant installation, vessel preservation, on-time delivery, and budget management makes them the preferred supplier and installer in the Australian Superyacht community.

The team stay updated with the latest glass technology for the marine industry, continuously offering the most advanced products and technologies. Marine Window Services also provide seals for framed windows, portlights, and hatches to keep salt and water at bay, ensuring longevity and transparency.

With a breadth of experience, projects encompass framed, sliding, portlights, hatches, and direct glaze windows for a range of vessels, typically over 30 feet, from sailing mono/catamarans, powerboats, superyachts, fishing vessels, ferries, tugboats to barges.

Proper window maintenance is vital to maintain a boat’s value, prevent water damage from leaks, and ensure navigational visibility. A common oversight is neglecting proper window cleaning after each trip on water, as salt can corrode windows rapidly. Choosing the right products and ensuring correct installation is crucial.

Marine Window Services collaborate with owners, captains, boat builders, project firms, naval architects, surveyors, and other trades to provide comprehensive solutions.

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Published in print January-March 2024