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An interim of energy at Runaway Bay Marina

An interim of energy at Runaway Bay Marina

While the forecast for Runaway Bay Marina is for major growth over the next ten years, the iconic marine facility is focusing its energy on the ground as it continues to deliver the Gold Coast’s most enviable location at competitive pricing.


With council planning approval gained in December 2015 for a multi-million dollar development by site owner Caspex Properties Australia, the marina, shipyard, and commercial retail space have been operating in the shadow of the proposed development to the detriment of the local business that has been in operation since the 1970s.


“It’s important for the public to know that Runaway Bay Marina is here to stay,” says Michael Grundy, operations manager, who has witnessed 16 years of this history during his time.


“We have a long-term commitment to the business, which, in the past, has been overshadowed by the energy and uncertainty surrounding the development approvals,” says Michael. “It’s my understanding that there is no rush to break ground here. The current focus is on changes and improvements to elevate the existing offer for the current and potential new clients.”


“We already have a great offering that we will continue to deliver today, tomorrow, and into the future,” says Michael. “However, there are things we are taking action right now to improve that offering, like new concrete hardstand, the recent acquisition of a commercial sweeper, and signage and site renovations.”


“Everything that’s here now—the marina, the brokerages, our diverse commercial tenants, and the bar, restaurants and cafes—will only improve,” says Michael.


Michael’s wealth of knowledge and experience both on the water and on land is impressive. Yet, it is not unique among his team. “We have a fantastic team. They’re all passionate about boating. They are friendly, professional, and full of knowledge,” says Michael. “Most of our staff have been here long term with time here on the ground ranging from 9 years, 10 years, 12 years, to 16 years like myself. We all know what we are talking about and when people make enquires we always give them the right advice.”


And it is a team committed to delivering a quality experience on a daily basis as well as taking the business into the next phase.


Renowned for its original innovations—being the first marina in the Southern Hemisphere to introduce dry stack storage for boats—Runaway Bay Marina’s more recent advances as a marine brokerage hub and 197 premium wet berths continue to set it apart from competitors, but none more so than its location.


“We tick all the boxes,” says Michael. “It’s a well-protected marina basin without the wind and tidal issues that make berthing difficult. We’re easy to get to by land, and on water. There’s no better access to both the Seaway and popular Broadwater destinations.”


A key component of site tenancy includes seven brokerage houses with brands onsite, including names like Riviera, Grady White, and Hatteras that position the marina as the largest marine brokerage hub on the Gold Coast.


“At any given time, there would be 100-150 boats up for sale here, both dry and on water. It’s a bonus for anyone who is looking to buy a boat,” says Michael. “Rather than driving around to several different locations, potential buyers can come to one place and view a lot of different options.


“Ultimately, we want our customers to take full advantage of what is happening here on the ground, as they are an integral part of this new energy. We look forward to welcoming them.”


More information on the current services and offering at Runaway Bay Marina can be found at or call the friendly team on

(07) 5577 1400.