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The SARCA anchor is not only highly effective but looks great and will enhance the bow of any boat.

For over twenty-five years, Anchor Right Australia has been at the forefront of designing and developing innovative boat anchor concepts. Their ground-breaking invention, the Super SARCA, introduced the world to a true multi-purpose anchor design. Through extensive patent research and widespread popularity among fishing enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand, the SARCA (Sand And Reef Combination Anchor) has become the preferred choice for many boat builders, often installed as a standard feature.

The Super SARCA has proven its worth across various types of vessels, including pleasure boats, live-aboard yachts, and commercial ships weighing up to 300 tonnes. Even their larger models, weighing up to 225kg, are commonly spotted on trawlers and ferries in both Australia and New Zealand.

Twelve years ago, they further enhanced their anchor lineup with the SARCA Excel, designed to accommodate boats where the roll bar on the Super SARCA posed limitations. The Excel quickly gained attention and garnered rave reviews on numerous forums and blogs, with many users claiming it to be the best anchor they’ve ever used.

The Water Police in Tasmania, after careful research into Anchor Right’s performance history, testing procedures, and type-approval certification, chose the SARCA Excel as the anchor for their new large police boat. The positive feedback from everyday boaters further solidified the Excel’s reputation.

One surprising gem that has emerged for Anchor Right is the demountable alloy Excel model. Weighing only half as much as its steel counterparts, this alloy version has captured significant interest and sales since its launch. Combining fast setting in multiple seabeds, exceptional holding power, and easy storage, this lightweight anchor is an excellent choice for yacht racing, ketches, or as a backup option. Customers have reported that the performance of the alloy Excel matches that of the steel model.

Rest assured, the Alloy Excel delivers the same impressive holding power as our galvanised steel model, which holds a type-approval as a Super High Holding Power anchor. Anchor Right have extensively tested the steel, stainless steel, and alloy Excel versions over hundreds of hours to ensure their reliability.

Today, Anchor Right Australia commands a substantial share of the anchoring systems market. Competitively priced and proudly promoted as Australian-made anchors crafted from quality Australian steel. The commitment to designing and producing innovative anchor testing methods has placed Anchor Right at the forefront of the industry. Competition in new anchor designs only fuels their drive to remain at the cutting edge.

Their greatest achievement lies in the trust they have earned from thousands of customers. When an anchor buyer understands the quality and design of these anchors over imported alternatives, they usually choose to buy the Anchor Right Australian-made products.


The exceptional performance of the SARCA Excel can be largely attributed to our Tidal Anchor Test Skid (T.A.T.S.) Machine. This advanced testing system allows us to evaluate anchor performance in a variety of real deployment scenarios across various ocean floor terrains. Unlike laboratory tests conducted in artificial sand pits, our approach eliminates guesswork and produces reproducible, quantifiable results. This ensures that our anchors perform as promised.

Traditional testing methods involving tugboats introduce numerous variables, including wind, currents, wave height, anchor spiking, rode length, and throttle application. Attempting to assign fixed factors to all these variables for fair testing of anchor designs is impractical. The T.A.T.S. Machine significantly reduces these variables, thereby advancing anchor technology and delivering superior results.


Published in print July-September 2023