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Above: Completed for Motor Yacht Aurora the reupholstering of the existing sofa and supply of new occasional chairs.

Michael Melfi has solidified his standing as a revered figure in the realms of the marine, commercial, film, and television industries with 40 years of industry experience. His prowess in delivering an eclectic array of bespoke upholstery creations has earned him accolades both domestically and internationally, with his wares gracing Australian shores and extending their reach to Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.

Across these four decades, Michael has fervently poured his dedication and passion into his craft, cultivating a reputation that rests squarely on the pillars of uncompromising quality and exquisite craftsmanship.

The name Melfi has become synonymous with excellence, a testament to Michael’s unwavering commitment to producing upholstery pieces that stand as paragons of artistry and functionality.

At the heart of Melfi Designs lies a tight-knit team of five individuals, bound not just by professional affiliation but by a familial bond. Unlike conventional assembly lines, this team thrives on the uniqueness of every project they undertake. No two pieces bear resemblance; instead, each creation is meticulously tailored to suit the distinct desires and preferences of its eventual owner. From opulent interiors to plush lounges and commanding helm chairs, Melfi Designs takes pride in crafting items that epitomise personalised luxury.

Left to right: Recently completed custom L Shaped lounge traditional sprung base, multi laminated seat cushions, double wrapped with feather fibre back cushions. Supply of Oyster 56 cockpit cushions with QD foam in stripe outdoor fabric. Final touches to Zara Jane Fountaine Sail Cat 8with custom double Siena helm with double cup holders, diamond stitch.

A compelling aspect of Michael’s approach is his wholehearted involvement in each project. Whether conceptualising a cutting-edge helm chair or meticulously restoring a century-old chaise, every venture is showered with undivided attention from inception to fruition. Michael isn’t merely crafting chairs; he’s curating an enhanced quality of life for those who invest in his creations.

In an era where the discerning consumer craves uniqueness and exclusivity, the demand for carefully fashioned custom-made articles has soared. Mass-produced commodities are no longer the pinnacle of desire. For the enterprising individual equipped with a creative spirit and an unswerving work ethic, the universe of bespoke upholstery presents boundless opportunities.

To explore the captivating realm of Melfi Designs and to witness the embodiment of Michael’s artistic legacy, one need only visit Here, the seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality unfolds, a testament to Michael Melfi’s enduring devotion to his craft and his unwavering pursuit of excellence.





Published in print January-March 2024