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In the expansive realm of Australia’s boating arena, Cobia Boats Australia shines as a beacon of brilliance, carving out a distinctive space with its ingenious line of US crafted Sports Boats. Ranging from 22 to 35 feet in Centre Console Models and 22 to 33 feet in Dual Console Models, Cobia boats are celebrated for their exceptional design and peak performance. Offering an unrivaled combination of value, superior quality, safety, and a dry boating experience, these innovative designs cater seamlessly to both fishing aficionados and families. Cobia stands apart from the competition, redefining functionality in the marine world.

Each Cobia model is propelled by the latest generation Yamaha Outboards featuring Helmmaster EX Engine Controls, providing owners with outstanding handling.

The 240 CC and 262 CC, celebrated for their value-driven propositions, fuel efficiency, exceptional comfort, and robust build, offer a rare equilibrium that’s challenging to find elsewhere. These models boast an uncluttered, intuitive helm, abundant space, an array of safety features, and a seamless transition from angling-focused amenities to leisurely family cruising and exhilarating water sports. This synthesis of style and functionality makes them the ultimate choice for those seeking a harmonious blend. Yet, the star of the range is undeniably the Cobia 280 CC. This vessel epitomises Cobia’s dedication to quality, design, and performance. Boasting an array of features meticulously crafted to enhance usability and convenience, the Cobia 280 CC sets new benchmarks.

For anglers, it includes two insulated fish compartments with macerated overboard drains, a substantial livewell, a tackle station seamlessly integrated into the helm seat, and self-draining decks that genuinely elevate the experience. For families, it offers plush seating alongside an adjustable electric bow platform that transforms into a casting deck or sun lounge, even doubling as a bow table. This versatile vessel, powered by twin Yamaha outboards, achieves top speeds exceeding 40 knots.

Noteworthy is the patented Cobia front entry, boasting a full-standing headroom, complete with a vacuflush toilet and comprehensive amenities, alongside freshwater showers at the head and transom, adding an extra layer of comfort and convenience.

Cobia Boats is the reigning champion in centre console sales in the USA, and the Australian sales are further solidifying the brand’s stature in the local market.

Unwavering in their commitment to value and quality, paired with innovative designs and performance driven attributes, Cobia Boats truly set a new standard in their market offering. The future of boating in Australia looks promising, and with Cobia Boats at the helm offering something for everyone, we can see how Cobia will redefine versatility and how Australians enjoy their boating.

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Published in print April-June 2024