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Australian Marine centre is your local dealer for Baysport Boats which are built on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and designed to endure the tough Australian conditions.

The homegrown brand manufactures a range of family-fishing boats from 5.65 – 7 m in cabin and walkaround models. Well-made and well-respected, these affordable and solidly built fibreglass boats that are exceptional value for money yet achieve outstanding on-water performance.


Baysports 700 Sports has a full cabin design. The 705 Offshore has walkaround deck  design

With over 30 years boat building experience, the team at Baysport Boats have assembled a range of impressive eye-catching boats. Whether you need a boat for family days out on the water or a boat for chasing the big fish – there’s a Baysport boat to suit. The cabins are large enough to sleep 2 adults, possibly even a child or two, while the huge cockpit area makes fishing adventures all that more enjoyable.

The new 700 Sports model is a real head turner with exceptional performance to match. This model has a full 6’+ cabin, allowing adults to sleep comfortably. Built into the transom is a live bait tank and under the front passenger seat there’s plenty of room to stow your catch. The 705 Offshore model has walk-around side decks giving easy access to the bow which can also be accessed by the large cabin hatch. A rear door gives effortless access to the large cockpit and makes it easier to bring large fish onboard. The rear lounge seat folds down to maximise the available space for working fish. This first boat shipment was snapped up by an existing Baysports customer, and there is another boat being constructed for fast delivery.


Baysport Boats use modern building methods, all models have a fully moulded fibreglass stringer system which is bonded onto the hull to provide strength and rigidity. The stringers are filled with an expanded polyurethane foam to add positive buoyancy and further increase rigidity while also helping to make the ride quieter.

There is no wood rot from ageing, as tough composite board material is utilised in the transom meaning that there is no wood used in either the transom or the stringer system.

Along the keel of all Baysport Boats is a concave planing plank which is designed to allow more water flow to reach the propellor blades. The increased water flow assists the hull to come to the plane quicker and improve fuel efficiency. The concave tunnel also allows the hull to track better when travelling on a straight course as well as during turns.

Baysports 595 Sports                         Baysports 605 Offshore                    Baysports 640 Deluxe

The lengths noted for each model are the true hull measurement, unlike other brands which use the Length Overall (LOA) system which also include bow sprit, outboard engine and other appendages. The innovative design and construction combined with sleek and stylish good looks means that a Baysport Boat is a boat that you will be proud to own.

Whether you need a boat for family days out on the water or a boat for chasing the big fish – there’s a Baysport boat to suit.

Australian Marine Centre has most models in stock or on order, so drop in or make contact to discuss a package to suit you.

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Published in print October-December 2022