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Brisbane boat show opens with key attractions, show innovations and key messages

Brisbane boat show opens with key attractions, show innovations and key messages

by September 13, 2014

The Brisbane Boat Show has opened with a great public response to the huge range of new boats, engines and equipment being displayed; show innovations including trailer reversing clinics and the opportunity for the public to vote on marine matters they consider important, as well as some clear messages for governments and authorities.

Guest speaker at the opening, current Sunfish Chairman and panel member on the Queensland Fisheries Management Review, Mr David Bateman noted in his address: “Fisheries surveys in 2000 found 850,000 Queenslanders went fishing – that same survey just completed showed participation had dropped to 650,000 in spite of the population expansion.”

“Other states are having the same experience in spite of a recreational fishing licence supposed to be for enhancing recreational fishing.”

“A change in government thinking towards fishing is essential. Hopefully the current review of the Fisheries Act will achieve this,” Mr Bateman said.

“Encouraging participation through education, enhancement and wise management, rather than through regulation and restriction, is a much better option for all.”

“It could encourage double the spending creating a win-win situation for all suppliers, users and the Government.”

“The Great Barrier Reef, Hervey Bay & Moreton Bay are prime examples of restricting fishing activities through Government actions such as marine park closures and making fishing and boating regulations so complicated, that people are looking over their shoulder whenever they are on the water.”

“This discourages people’s enthusiasm to go fishing and spend.”

“Having attended the current Fisheries Review meetings in southern Queensland – all present complained about the park zonings, lack of meaningful consultation and complex laws.”

“All of these can be fixed by Government with minimal spending if there is a will to do so.”