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Building Jetski Rider Confidence

Building Jetski Rider Confidence

The owner, James Tod, has been synonymous with jet ski trekking for more than 20 years. His long-running initiative, The Breakfast Club, is a social group for jet ski owners who have a passion for discovering new destinations with personal watercrafts.


James recently purchased a jet-power boat as a support vessel for the club and his viewpoint of jet skiers has dramatically changed. “Once I took to the water in a boat, I began to understand why so many boat owners complain about reckless jet skiers driving erratically on the Broadwater.” With this newfound understanding, James is determined to expand his advocacy of arranging social rides for jet ski owners. “From behind the wheel of my boat, it’s clear that the jet skiers who are creating all the havoc don’t really have a purpose when they are out on the water. And many of them are too afraid to venture outside their comfort zones into areas where they are not familiar.”


By organising treks to interesting destinations, James believes that riders can build their confidence to take others with them to exciting spots where they can discover new activities and great places for lunch. “By encouraging jet ski riders to trek out further, there will be less PWC congestion on the main channels of the Broadwater, which makes a safer boating environment for all.”


To support a safer jet ski community by building rider confidence, the has created a Re-discover South East QLD Adventure Tour. James says, “The seven-part series is open to riders of all ages and regardless of the brands of jet skis they ride. Our first ride to Slipping Sands at sunset is scheduled for the night of the full moon on 11th February 2016.” The following ride dates will be confirmed prior to each scheduled ride, culminating with our annual seven-day tour during September in Whitsunday Islands. By offering an advance schedule to social club members, he believes those riders who have been too busy to use their skis in the last few years, will now find the time and a purpose to join in the fun.


Always plotting the route for his next big organised ride, James says, “The Re-discover tours are a great way to capture special moments, while establishing friendships through the awesome camaraderie of like-minded riders. The team at the will be leading each ride, and offering technical support and mechanical advice, if required.”


Interested riders can email James for more details at






  1. Southport to Slipping Sands for sunset cruise and dinner at Tipplers, with night ride back.
  2. Southport to North Stradbroke Island tour (Day trip)
  3. Southport to Tangalooma Island Resort and shipwrecks (Day trip)
  4. Southport to Caloundra overnight stay (2-day ride)
  5. Southport to Noosa overnight stay (2-day ride)
  6. Southport to Hervey Bay overnight stay (3-day ride)
  7. 7-day Whitsunday Islands tour (5 nights on Hamilton island)


Editorial by Andy Kancachian


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