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To provide the boating community with their continued support, the squadron is seeking new volunteer recruits looking to donate their time and help the squadron continue to keep our waterways safe. Marine Rescue Jacobs Well operates 24/7, 365 days a year. With three mid-week crews attending each week and four weekend crews attending every fourth weekend, there are options available to those wishing to donate their valuable time.

As we enter the second half of 2023, for the Volunteer Marine Rescue squadron at Jacobs Well, this year marks a huge milestone for all the VMR crew members who assist and protect the boating community of our waterways.

Celebrating 45 years this year, VMR Jacobs Well has come a long way. From its original beginnings after the 1974 floods, it was an organisation born out of necessity. Beenleigh Air Sea Rescue as it was originally known started off with two volunteers and their own boats. They would launch their boats into the water from behind the old Beenleigh Rum Distillery and proceed to the Broadwater area when assistance was required. After a few years and with the help of sponsors and donations, the Beenleigh Air Sea Rescue base was built at Jacobs Well as a permanent base of operations for the area.

Today, that same base, Volunteer Marine Rescue Jacobs Well is a crucial part of the boating community in the area.

Help safeguard our waterways!

This year, the squadron also welcomed their latest vessel to the fleet, Jacobs Well Rescue 1. This new vessel will replace the old Jacobs Well 1 which has served the Jacobs Well squadron for over 15 years. Alongside Jacobs Well Rescue 2, Rotary Rescue II and Jacobs Well Rescue 4, the new boat was officially launched in September and after an extensive three-month crew training program and shakedown, will take pride of place as the new flagship for the squadron.

VMR Jacobs Well offers Associate Members marine assistance coverage for all areas south of the northern tip (Potts Point) of Macleay Island to the North Arm of the Coomera River, including the Logan, Albert, Pimpama Rivers and Jumpinpin Bar.

If you are interested in becoming an Active Member of VMR Jacobs Well or would like more information on what is involved with becoming an Active Member, please visit and click the “Become an Active Member” link or, alternately, email directly for further details.



Published in print October-December 2023