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In Australia, we have some of the harshest weather conditions. Boats that are not well looked after can lose their value much faster. So, a regular clean is key to retaining the value of your high-priced asset. Many boat owners appreciate their seafaring investment, but are not equipped to show that appreciation through proper care and maintenance.

CleanAWORX is a Gold Coast-based brand, specialising in developing the absolute best quality Australian-made marine cleaning and protection products that simply work.

CleanAWORX products are perfect for use on all size boats, superyachts, commercial boats, inflatable boats, jet skis, cars, bikes, plus much more. Below, we introduce some of our quality Australian-made products that will help you take care of your most cherished boat’s cleanliness and surface protection needs.







WASH & WAX: BOATIES PREMIUM GOLD cleans and washes your boat and leaves a wax protective barrier which assists with surface protection. The product utilises a biodegradable polymer additive, which provides improved gloss retention on all gelcoat and paintwork. Once washed and waxed, your boat will have a streak-free, clean surface. The high beading characteristics assist in water removal and spotless drying.

SUPASEAL-IT is a blend of high-gloss carnauba wax, polymers, Teflon and, UV+ absorbers. It is a liquid long-life sealer polish, providing high-gloss shine protection that lasts against the harsh Australian environment. Easy on and easy off.

CLEARS CLEANER & PROTECT cleans and protects your expensive clears to extend their life, and ensure the best crystal-clear views through your clears. The product has a sun-protection formula that is UV-resistant that also extends the life of stitching and zips.

RUST OFF GEL is a unique gel that rapidly removes rust and rust staining from all stainless steel, 2-pack paint, gelcoat and more. It can be applied to all vertical, horizontal, and upside-down surfaces, and will not run, but simply stays on the surface where applied.

STAINLESS STEEL POLISH WITH WAX PROTECTION cleans, restores, shines, brightens and protects stainless steel, aluminium, copper and bronze. It has a unique blend of super fine polishing alumina with added long-life wax protection.

MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER is a commercial strength, biodegradable, highly concentrated product that will remove grease, oil, dirt, stains, adhesives and other residues from interiors’ hard surfaces.

INTERIOR AND TRIM PROTECTION enhances and protects the appearance of high-end furnishings, 2-pack paint, vinyl, leather, rubbers, plastics and more. The product protects against the damaging effects of atmospheric pollutants and ultraviolet radiation. Applying a multipurpose protector with a non-stick finish produces an attractive glossy new look.

TEAK DECK WASH assists with keeping your teak looking cleaner and natural for longer. It is corrosion-inhibited and biodegradable. The product cleans and restores to a brighter and natural teak look.

INFLATABLE BOAT CLEANER easily cleans exhaust soot, airborne and industrial pollution, and removes salt, brown mineral stains, grease and grime. After washing, applying INFLATABLE BOAT PROTECT UV+ enhances and protects the appearance of your inflatable boat. It is suitable for Hypalon, PVC, rubber, plastic, and vinyl. It offers high UV protection, and it also has anti-static properties that helps extend the life of your inflatable boat.

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Published in print April-June 2022