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Cygnet 20: Trailerable Sailing

Cygnet 20: Trailerable Sailing

Quite often, timber-built boats have this authenticity, character – a soul even that makes each one a special piece of maritime history. No doubt classic timber boats have a beauty, a nostalgia, but lack the appeal of being low maintenance and cost-effective to build in this day and age. To my thoughts, albeit beautiful, they are not as strong, durable and user-friendly as modern glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) craft.

The Cygnet 20 came about by my newfound appreciation of small, classic- style cruising yachts. These classic-style craft evoke feelings of admiration in their simplicity, their beautiful hull and rig shape, their graceful lines and all-important character, which modern designs do not seem to possess.

The Cygnet 20 is firstly designed reminiscent of these beautiful classic designs incorporating modern features such as being lightweight, strong, durable, cost effective to build with modern touches such as carbon spars, water ballast, easy to clean and maintain, GRP, swing keel, etc.

Bluewater Cruising Yachts, in collaboration with Hardcastle/Lowe Yacht Design, have created a yacht that is classically attractive and evokes pride of ownership as well as being very practical. Its size makes it relatively affordable and easy to maintain in comparison to larger craft.

Peter Lowe, a former design associate of Peter Cole and Ben Lexcen, and Will Hardcastle have, for over 29 years, been involved with the design of some of the best known sailing yachts and superyachts in Australia. Working for such companies as Warren Yachts, Buizen Yachts, Northshore Yachts, Comprador Marine, Mustang Marine, Southwind and Evolution Yachts and now the Bluewater Cruising Yachts with the Cygnet 20.

Both cut their teeth offshore and inshore racing dinghies and yachts in their formative years all the while dreaming of a design in later years that would suit their own aspirations and circumstances. A beautiful yacht they could use as a day sailer or weekender, test their skills club racing, or for a relaxing sail on Pittwater, which due to being trailerable can be cruised in faraway destinations without the expense, commitment and time it takes with a larger, non trailerable vessel.

The Cygnet 20 is designed for enclosed waters for a couple or family of four to use over a weekend, or a week for that matter, to cruise and/or club race. It is easy to rig with lightweight carbon fibre spars. Although water ballasted for safety and performance, it is light to tow, launch and recover when unballasted with a towing weight of about 1200kg, including trailer, to your favourite cruising destination or somewhere further afield with a standard family-sized car.

There is a large 4 to 6-person cockpit, comfortable accommodation and surroundings so you will never want to leave, an indoor/outdoor living with pop-top, and excellent ventilation. Exploring is made easier with swing keel allowing 30cm draft when up. Also, having the central lifting point makes it ideal for storing at your local yacht club if you do not have the storage space available near home. It can be fully rigged and lifted in and out on a standard yacht club crane used for vessels such as J-24 and Etchells.

Sailing is such a wonderful fulfilling pastime; yet most boats lie idle. Maybe it is because owners fall out of love with their craft for whatever reason – the boat is too big, too much maintenance, too expensive to run, no one to go out with, the sea is too confronting, or too difficult to organise crew.

A big boat is not always fully utilised when sailing in enclosed waters. A big boat needs time, commitment, expense and desire to challenge yourself against the elements. This is not for everyone and current circumstances may preclude this from happening now or in the future.

Do not put off sailing and the boating lifestyle until you can afford a bigger boat. Maybe you just might find that the perfect size for you is the classically styled Cygnet 20. It is fun and exciting to sail, and that is the most important thing.


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