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Cygnet Arrives in USA

Cygnet Arrives in USA

by Andy Kancachian

In the renowned play The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare poignantly penned, “All things that are / are with more spirit chased than enjoyed.” A sentiment that resonated deeply when shared with students, who collectively discovered a profound truth – the allure of anticipation often surpasses the actual experience. Be it the frenzied buildup to Christmas, the breathless anticipation of a first date, or the flashing of coveted front-row tickets before a big concert, the consensus among students was that the wait is frequently more gratifying than the event itself.

However, this was not the case for Albert Freihofer, the retired English teacher, when he ordered his own Cygnet 20 from Bluewater Cruising Yachts in Australia. After almost a year spent dreaming about the delightful little boat, on arrival, Albert found that it exceeded all his expectations.

Albert recounted observing the meticulous packing of Sonnet 29 into a 20’ shipping container at David Bradburn’s Bluewater shop. The container embarked on a transcontinental journey, reaching New Jersey via China and Busan, South Korea. Through marine tracking, Albert anxiously followed Sonnet’s inch-byinch progress, unduly fretting about the density of traffic or storms on the high seas. The culmination of this maritime odyssey occurred when Sonnet 29 arrived in New Jersey, subsequently picked up and transported snugly tied to its trailer, leaving it undisturbed until the anticipated sailing season in the Adirondacks 6 months later.

As of the present, Bluewater Cruising Yachts boasts the sale of 47 Cygnets, with Sonnet 29 proudly holding the title of the first Cygnet in the United States. David, having flown to the USA, played a pivotal role in familiarising himself with the US market, arranging for the display of the boat at the Annapolis Show, and providing Albert with delightful coaching sessions on sailing and gaff rig handling on Lake George, New York.

Drawing on past experiences with a Nonsuch 26, Albert highlighted the unique qualities of the Cygnet, describing it as a thoroughbred with a happy attitude – capable of racing yet content to offer serene pony rides. Sonnet 29, laden with options such as the “popup cabin” and “tent enclosure,” surpassed expectations, promising adventurous excursions and converting the charming cabin into a generous standing room.

Albert detailed the thoughtful design choices, including the centreboard trunk with a versatile table and the option for expeditions with friends.

Sonnet 29’s easy trailering capabilities and the incorporation of a “rowing option” resonated with the owner’s passion for long-distance rowing. The boat’s sailing prowess, coupled with the gaff rig’s learning curve, contributed to an enriching and enjoyable experience. The Cygnet’s cockpit, designed for comfort and functionality, further impressed with its wide seats, ample storage, and well-placed fuel locker.

As Albert revelled in the joy of sailing, the Cygnet community in Australia, vibrant and tight-knit, added a sense of camaraderie. Acknowledging the success of David Bradburn and the Bluewater team in fostering a spirit of adventure, Albert praised their deep knowledge, authentic warmth, and pride in workmanship. The mention of two little (stuffed) koala bears aboard Sonnet symbolised the whimsical joy found within the sailing experience.

Approaching the age of 72, Albert eagerly looks forward to growing old with the little bears and with Sonnet 29, embodying the culmination of a lifelong passion for sailing and the enduring charm of a well anticipated dream realised.

For information about Cygnet 20s, visit the website or contact David at 0412 656 271.


Published in print April-June 2024