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A world-class explorer with impressive interior volume

US-based Sirena Yachts owner Willie Urbieta is set to achieve a remarkable distinction as the inaugural owner of two 21.4-meter Sirena 68 vessels. Already possessing a Sirena 58 for use in the US, Urbieta, a semi-retired oil executive, placed an order for a Sirena 68 to explore the Mediterranean. Subsequently, he decided to further elevate his yachting experience by upgrading his Sirena 58 to another Sirena 68, scheduled for delivery soon.

Urbieta’s ownership journey sets him apart among Sirena Yachts enthusiasts, granting him the unique opportunity to enjoy the capabilities of his two spacious vessels in vastly different settings. In an interview, Urbieta delves into his reasons for selecting the Sirena 68 model, his hands-on approach to docking, and the exceptional advantages he gains from his unconventional position as a dual-owner.

Ideal Family Vessel – Initially, Urbieta and his family embarked on an exploration of the Turkish coast and Greek islands with their first Sirena yacht, the Sirena 58. After this voyage, based in Fort Lauderdale, Urbieta desired a more immersive yachting lifestyle in south Florida, accommodating his expanding family. This aspiration led him to opt for an upgrade, explaining, “I absolutely love it, and the Sirena 68 is the perfect boat for this, due to its generous volume, ample indoor and outdoor relaxation spaces, and fantastic flybridge. Another factor was size, of course, considering my daughter, son-in-law, and three grandkids.”

Exquisite Design – Debuted in 2021, the Sirena 68 boasts naval architecture and exterior design by acclaimed Argentinian designer Germán Frers, complemented by interiors crafted by Dutch superyacht designer Cor D. Rover. This fusion of design expertise provides optimal aesthetics and functionality. With room for up to eight guests, including a master suite, the Sirena 68 offers an expansive flybridge deck and accommodation for a crew of two. Despite having a captain, Urbieta maintains his preference for hands-on involvement during docking.

Balancing Performance and Comfort – The Sirena 68 showcases a resin-infused hull, coupled with a lightweight carbon fiber superstructure and hard top developed by Sirena Yachts’ in-house engineering team. These features enhance stability, diminish fuel consumption, and extend the yacht’s range and speed. Urbieta emphasises comfort and invests in extras like gyros, fins, and dynamic position satellites to enhance his yachting experience.

Travel Plans and Favourites – Urbieta’s upcoming plans encompass voyages to Saint Martin, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and the British Virgin Islands, for which the Sirena 68 is well-suited. Certified as a CE Category A yacht, it achieves top speeds of 26 knots and cruises at 20-21 knots. Urbieta cherishes his onboard office space and the yacht’s spacious flybridge, which facilitates social gatherings and breathtaking views.

Future Aspirations – While Urbieta is content with his current fleet, he entertains the possibility of further upgrades. He affirms, “I am very happy with my two Sirena 68s, but you never know, in a few years I might sell them and go for a bigger yacht because I am so passionate about boating. Sirena Yachts work extremely hard to make the customer happy.”

In conclusion, Willie Urbieta’s extraordinary journey as the owner of two Sirena 68 vessels showcases his dedication to a life of yachting luxury. His deliberate choices, emphasis on comfort and performance, and willingness to embrace new experiences highlight the allure of Sirena Yachts for enthusiasts who cherish the open waters.

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Published in print October-December 2023

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