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The SeaPen is for boaties wanting to keep their boat moored in the water without the cost of antifouling the hull and the hassle of trying to maintain a boat that lives in water.

Local company, DockPro, manufacture SeaPen for all types of vessels, both recreational and commercial vessels. Not only are they suited for power boats, SeaPens are also built to dock racing yachts, catamarans and monohull sailing boats up to 85ft. The SeaPen Advanced Dry Docking Technology boasts of the only water level docking multi-entry system, allowing the boat owner to reverse in, enter sideways, or at an angle, which makes it easier to moor no matter the situation. A vessel can have outboards, stern drives, jets, IPS, shaft, keel, you name it – the SeaPen can be used to dry dock at water level.

The SeaPen is an easy and safe docking system. There is no need to jump off the boat to grab mooring lines; you simply drive-in to dock. It acts as a boat catcher, allowing easy parking without the need for crew assistance making boating more enjoyable and safer for you and the family. The SeaPen will keep your boat clean and dry, and it prevents barnacles and other growth on your hull. There is no longer a need to antifoul, which optimises boat performance and minimises the usual maintenance costs of cleaning the hull and props.

The SeaPen is long-term protection of your boating investment. This docking system helps you keep your boat growth-free and ready to go, which makes it a great alternative to davits or lifts.

WHY BUY A SEAPEN? – SeaPen is the only dry-docking solution that keeps your boat free from barnacles without lifting it out of the water. Dry dock at water level. Never antifoul again. Better performance. Easier to park your boat. Save on boat maintenance. Better resale value.

GLIDE IN, GLIDE OUT – With a touch of a single button, the SeaPen rear gate drops open to let your ship off and onto the water. To dock, simply drive into the SeaPen, activate the gate, and the pump will automatically take care of the rest.

GO AHEAD, STEP ON IT – Yes, you can step on it without a problem. The SeaPen is built sturdy and strong. The high-density polyethylene frame material allows for 360-degree walkable access. An aluminium walkway is also available as an accessory.

YES, IT IS REALLY DRY – The combination of quality marine-grade materials and breakthrough technology to maximize airflow, allows water to be easily pumped away from your boat, leaving your hull dry in no time.

GO WHERE TRADITIONAL LIFTS CAN’T – You can take it with you, install it anywhere, and keep your scenic view. The many benefits and the adaptability SeaPen offers have marinas and apartment associations moving to it as the perfect alternative to the traditional lifts.

WILL A SEAPEN SUIT MY BOAT? – DOCKPRO have built more than 2,500 SeaPens across Australia and New Zealand. SeaPen is designed to suit all types of personal and commercial watercraft.

To find out how much a SeaPen costs for your boat, contact the docking solution experts at DockPro.

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Published in print July-September 2021


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