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The Volvo Penta Interceptor System is a boat trim system that is integrated into the Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system. The system uses vertical interceptor blades rather than the conventional plates. The innovative design is purely electrical, and has no hydraulics involved, unlike traditional trim systems. It is made of composite material, is corrosion-free, and is easy to install.

There is virtually no maintenance required once integrated into the EVC system – Volvo Penta’s electronic platform. This robust system can be used for both planing and semi-planing Volvo Penta-powered boats 35 feet and larger, making boating simpler, safer and more comfortable.

BOAT TRIM SYSTEM – Thanks to the water interceptor technology used by the system, you get a smoother ride. This trim system, designed for speeds up to 50 knots, has all the same performance qualities as conventional trim tabs, plus the additional benefit of quicker response, less drag and smaller dimensions.

When activated in Auto mode, the Interceptor System continuously adjusts the boat to the most favourable running angle for smooth boat behavior and a more comfortable ride. Maintaining the best trim angle also minimises the fuel consumption. Less fuel means reduced costs and lower environmental impact.

THREE AUTOMATIC MODES – The precise Manual control function can be extended with three fully automatic modes, each developed to improve the boating experience in terms of comfort, visibility and low fuel consumption. “Auto Trim and List” gives automatic correction of the boat’s trim and list, optimising the performance in all conditions. With “Auto Trim, List and Coordinated Turn” the system is also capable of adjusting the list in turn based on a predetermined value, specific to each boat model. This keeps the boat more upright in sharp turns and allows for a true turn, i.e., when people aboard feel no sideways forces during the turn. The third mode, “Active Ride” is another smart feature that will redefine your concept of cruising comfort.

EASY BOATING WITH ACTIVE RIDE – The optional Active Ride Control feature is the result of years of development to improve safety and onboard comfort. By utilising the interceptors, the system effectively diminishes pitch and roll motion by up to 60% at cruising speeds. By keeping you steady at sea, the risk of seasickness is reduced, which means that you can start looking forward to a smooth ride in almost any condition. Everything is automatic so that you can focus on more important things, like navigating and enjoying the moment.

The automatic options work by using GPS, rudder angle, engine data, gyro sensor and an accelerometer (which measures acceleration of movement). Compared with a boat with a traditional trim system, a boat with the Volvo Penta Interceptor System, in the optional Auto mode, quickly moves up on the plane and stays stable and more upright in sharp turns. This means significantly improved visibility ahead and enhanced onboard safety. The system also provides excellent visibility in sharp turns.

The blades system in self-cleaning mode minimises marine growth for continual functionality. The interceptor blades are usually installed during the manufacture of the boat, but retro-fitting is also available along with controls and additional hardware. The automatic options can be overridden manually, and the blades retract when the engines are switched off.

For Volvo Penta engine owners, the Interceptor System is integrated and robust. It is a very advanced system but also easy to use – you just push a button and the boat handles itself.

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Published in print July-September 2022