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Fisheries Queensland monitoring programs

Fisheries Queensland monitoring programs

by September 1, 2014

Fisheries monitoring program


Recreational and commercial fisheries in Queensland governing body, Fisheries Queensland, is conducting a number of monitoring programs.

Biological data on key species of fish is being collected to ensure sustainability. These programs are dependant on volunteers from both recreational and commercial fishers who donate their fish frames and allow the Fisheries staff to measure fish sizes.

Recent highlights from the programs:

New north east coast barramundi sampling results

By collecting data throughout 2013, the age sex and length was used to estimate mortality rates and determining stock status of the Queensland north east coast barramundi fishery. These type of estimated reporting are an effective way to help determine whether the 2013 barramundi stocks in this region are sustainably fished

Mack attack

In May this year a large head from a spanish mackerel was donated to the monitoring program. The fish had its ear bones collected (otoliths) and after a preliminary examination it was estimated that the fish was approximately 12-13 years old at the time it was captured. (see monitoring photo below)

Queensland staff train NT counterparts 

A joint workshop was conducted with Fisheries Queensland and Northern territory Fisheries counterparts that developed reading techniques.  Otolith interpretation for grey and Spanish mackerel methods were shared,

Get involved
As a recreational fishers you can help by donating fish frames to the program or allow their catches to be measured by monitoring staff. To find out more email: