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FISHING is also women’s business

FISHING is also women’s business

By Melinda Henderson

The Queensland’s Women in Recreational Fishing (WIRF) programme was launched in early 2022 by the Queensland Fisheries. The group offers female anglers to engage in recreational fishing in a safe and inclusive environment, as well as encourage confidence in leadership roles.

Ten leaders were selected across Queensland, spanning from the Gold Coast to Cairns. The female anglers chosen for the leadership roles are knowledgeable, approachable, and most of all, very passionate and happy to help anyone wanting to learn the basic skills of fishing.

Being involved as a leader, you get to be a part of hosting events such as the first Meet & Greet, held at the Gold Coast Sports Fishing Club in November 2022. The evening event was a great success, with around 50 people keen to learn, from beginners to advanced anglers. On the night, aside from the mingling and the sausage sizzle, there were tackle talks, guest speakers and generous giveaways supplied by sponsors.

What the network hopes to achieve in the coming years is a fishing community that everyone can be a part of, offering a safe space where anyone can pass on knowledge, stories, advice, share photos of their catch, and ask questions among other like-minded people without feeling intimidated. For example, you may be interested to know where to start: tying knots, deciding which is the best bait or lure to use, or what areas someone may suggest you go. Or you are looking to upskill and learn more about techniques. Or you may even just use the group as a stepping stone to pick up tips for your child or grandchild who would like to wet a line.

WIRF is also a great platform for women who may be interested in getting into a fishing-related career, as it opens many doors and opportunities for networking within the industry.

Whatever the reasons are for joining, anyone who is into fishing is most welcome to the group. This is what the programme is all about.

It was hoped it would be as successful as WIRF Victoria, and with almost one thousand followers in a few months when it was launched on social media, it is proving to be the case.

About WIRF Queensland – Queensland’s Women in Recreational Fishing Network (WIRFN) has been established to develop leadership, share knowledge, stories, tips, get the right equipment, and promote Queensland recreational fishing events. Although this group is primarily for women living in Queensland, we encourage female anglers from other states or countries to join in and post. The group aims to encourage women to participate in recreational fishing activities, share knowledge, stories, tips, get the right equipment and promote events. The WIRFN is planning to hold monthly workshops, friendly competitions, and more meet-and-greet fun activities. Join them on Facebook/Women in Recreational Fishing Network Qld and learn more about what they are up to.


Published in print January-March 2023