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Foul Release Coating

Foul Release Coating

Energy savings are achieved by maintaining smooth underwater hull and propeller surfaces. Presence of fouling on propellers is detrimental to performance. Even low levels of fouling on propeller surfaces are shown to cause efficiency losses of 20%. High levels of fouling cause up to 70% decrease in efficiency.


The marine environment is a tough test for paint, varnish and anti-foul coatings, and shows no mercy to poor quality products. Only the best products will keep top-sides bright and the underneath clean from fouling.


Propeller Coat, made in Japan since 1917 from one of the world’s largest and most-respected paint companies, is a non-biocidal foul release coating. With its extra slippery silicon topcoat, it prevents sea life adhering to the propeller.


Propeller Coat is designed to provide ultimate protection against the harmful effect of weed, barnacles and fouling attaching itself to boat propellers, engines and stern gear. It is a transparent silicon-based product, resulting in an ultra slippery, non-stick surface, which weed and fouling find difficult to adhere to. It is referred to as a “foul-release” coating, which means that after initial application, fouling may loosely attach, but is easily and quickly removed by the result of water movement across the treated surface, or by the action of the prop as it turns within the water.


Propeller Coat is suitable for application to all underwater metallic running gear – on stainless, alloy (complete stern legs) and bronze including; propellers, trim tabs, propeller shafts, rudders, prop struts, bow and stern thrusters, underwater lights, transducers, etc.


Propeller Coat is composed of a yellow primer and a clear silicon topcoat. The product is sold as a DIY box, complete with brushes, gloves, and instructions. It is easy to apply, once the surfaces to be painted have been prepared. It is available in three sizes – 300ml, 500ml and 1.5 Litre. (300ml is great for yachts, with a single shaft and propeller that covers an area of 0.5 m2; and 500ml is great for larger boats, and covers an area of 0.9 m2)


Oz Marine is the dealer of Propeller Coat and provides Australia-wide phone support, and covering thousands of boats in New Zealand, Australia, and Japan.


For COMMERICAL or TRADE operators, Oz Marine can supply with 3-Liter Propeller Coat kits.


For information and pricing:, Ph: 07 5437 9400.