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WESTERBEKE Multiport EFI Petrol Generators For The Marine Industry

Westerbeke’s new lineup of electronic fuel injected (EFI) petrol generators hit the Australian market in 2020. These generators meet the Australian Product Emissions Standards (2017), and are EPA and CARB compliant — made possible by Westerbeke’s innovative engineering and electronic fuel injection technology.

The new lineup maintains a product range that is affordable, compact, lightweight, quiet, and efficient — the qualities that have made Westerbeke the preferred choice among seasoned boat manufacturers and boat owners.

Westerbeke’s Multiport EFI petrol generators represent the benchmark for quiet, reliable, high performance marine petrol generators. The technology provides optimum fuel efficiency, easy-starting and improved reliability. In conjunction with multiport EFI, electronic speed control via an electronic governor maintains the engine at a constant speed and eliminates ‘bogging down’ when load is applied.

Westerbeke is the first company to bring constant speed EFI generators to the marine market as well as the first low-carbon monoxide generators, making boating safer for you and the environment.


The petrol generators operate at a quiet, electronically controlled 1500rpm (or 1800rpm for 60hz). The smallest unit (3.5kw), runs at 2500rpm.


Low rpm translates to long life and low maintenance.

Make a smart decision today and choose an NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) Innovation Award Winner — the Westerbeke Multiport EFI genset!

Marine Energy Systems is the importer and distributor of Westerbeke generators in Australia, providing sales, support, and service through their dealer network.

More at their dedicated site or call (07) 5502 7771


3.5 MCGA: 3.5kw (15 amp) and only

102KG. 2 cylinder smooth and quiet

running 2500rpm. Just 15” tall x 27” long




4.2 MCGA: 4.2kw (18.2 amp). 3 cylinder

smooth and quiet running 1500 rpm.





6.2 MCGA: 6.2kw (26.9 amp). 3 cylinder

smooth and quiet running 1500 rpm.






8.0 SBEG: 8.0kw (34 amp)

Houseboat series.






Published in print July-September 2021