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Gold Coast to Sydney in 48 Hours LAGOON 46

Gold Coast to Sydney in 48 Hours LAGOON 46


Joe, Rowan, and Vlasis from TMG Yachts embarked on an epic journey from the Gold Coast to Sydney aboard a Lagoon 46 catamaran. With mixed conditions, the 46 performed incredibly, completing this trip in 48 hours.

The adventure began as they departed the Gold Coast. “We headed out through the Gold Coast Seaway and turned south, where we set sails and headed for Sydney,” Rowan explained.

Excitement filled the air as they anticipated the voyage ahead. Joe explained, “It’s about a 400 nautical mile trip to Sydney, our goal is to complete the trip in 48 hours.” Their first 24 hours looked promising, with a 15-knot north easterly wind. However, after 24 hours the wind was due to die down before turning to the south. It was a race to beat the weather…

Travelling past the Gold Coast they unfurled the Code Zero sail, and the boat surged forward at an impressive speed. “The drone couldn’t keep up”, exclaimed Joe. As the sun set, they encountered dolphins, adding magic to their voyage. Joe added, “We saw so many dolphins, the sea state was flat and beautiful. On day one we experienced between 13 and 17 knots of wind travelling a consistent 9-10kts.”

They sailed through the night under the full moon, a serene experience. Vlasis mentioned, “It was a beautiful night with the full moon, clear skies, and a lovely evening.”

The next morning, they were joined by more dolphins, making the journey even more special. Rowan shared, “On day two, we were blessed with so many pods of dolphins, so much sea life, and blue skies, what more could you ask for.”

With about 24 hours into their journey, they made good progress, passing landmarks like Port Macquarie as the sun set. Though it was not super windy, making for not-so ideal sailing conditions, it was a spectacular day at sea.

The journey continued, with calm conditions at times and challenging ones at others. Nevertheless, they enjoyed the experience and each other’s company. “During our second night, the wind turned, making for a messy sea state, but on the Lagoon 46, we were incredibly comfortable.”

As they approached Sydney, they celebrated their successful voyage, marvelling at the boat’s performance as they sailed into Sydney Harbour under the Code Zero. Their adventure had come to an end, and they had achieved their goal of completing the trip in just 48 hours.

At the end, Joe summed up their journey, “It was a fantastic trip, a wonderful trip, and it’s always a really surreal feeling coming into Sydney Harbour. It’s pretty magical. I’ve done this passage many, many times, and I have always wanted to do it under 48 hours, and we have achieved that today on a Lagoon 46, which is incredibly impressive.”

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Published in print April-June 2024