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Great Products For Boating

Great Products For Boating



It’s only a peg, but it’s quite a story. Beginning in 2004 with a packet of Jumbo Pegs purchased as a novel boating accessory during travel in Asia, the founders of Kingpin Pegs were surprised at the attention it drew from Western Australian boaties aound Rottnest Island and the local yacht clubs. The attention gave birth to a business idea, with more products progressively added to the list over the years. Coming into the fold in 2014 was the Super Jumbo Peg, followed by the latest in clean green earth science – the Activated Bamboo Charcoal Eco Pack. These exclusive and original accessories continue to be of great use both indoors and outdoors – limited only by one’s imagination. Utilise the pegs wherever you could use a helping hand, whether it be hanging wet towels on the rails of your boat, pool fence or drying those rags from fishing. Super strong, these ripper grippers will serve you well – only hazard is losing them overboard.


Eliminate the tug and pull of your docked boat caused by non-elasticised mooring lines. If your boat is moored on a busy waterway, in a marina with passing traffic or during a real storm, a bungee-style cord rope dock line will shock absorb. The elastic cord is hidden inside the rope and acts as a built-in buffer on dock cleats or with your anchor buddy. With Elastic cord inside the rope, it will reduce jerking and provides extended length for more convenience. They can improve security while your boat is docked. Suitable for boats, jet skis, kayak and floating pontoons.



Hate the stale smell of your cabin from fishing or when returning after a long period? Worried about the moisture affecting your precious electronic gear? The science of Activated Bamboo Charcoal for soaking up smells and damp continues to amaze. Now you can discover for yourself the use of its already proven purifying power. Bamboo Charcoal Eco Packs from Australian importer Kingpin are a simple and safe method to remove unpleasant smells and moisture inside your boat, or car or home. Imagine never having to spray chemicals, use messy sachets or dispose of waste elements again! These decorative linen covered Eco Packs are refreshed monthly by simply placing them in the sun for an hour. The ultra violet rays disperse the absorbed residues and allergens, ready for continual re-use up to two years. Each Eco Pack (20cm or 15cm) can be moved from saloon to anchor locker or anywhere in



Suzuki Marine is globally recognised for making advanced technology and features available to boaters of all types – not just those who run the largest, highest-horsepower outboards. This tradition continues with the introduction of Suzuki’s new-for-2021 DF115BG and DF140BG 4-stroke outboards, the first in their class to offer all the advantages of drive-by-wire technology. By bringing its proven drive-by-wire technology to its 115HP and 140HP in-line four-cylinder models, Suzuki is providing simplified rigging for a wide range of boat builders, along with silky smooth shifting, instant throttle response, enhanced performance and superior fuel efficiency. The reliability and precision control of Suzuki’s drive-bywire technology has been proven for years on Suzuki’s popular 150HP through 350HP models.


One of the major features of the technology is that a lithium battery offers a greater depth of discharge, meaning the percentage of the capacity which has been removed from a fully charged battery. This is the most important consideration for maintaining battery health. Lithium batteries are around 60 per cent lighter than their AGM equivalents. And every owner knows what this means – a lighter boat performs better and is more efficient. Despite being lighter and smaller, their life expectancy is three to four times longer than an AGM. A top-of-the-line lithium marine battery has a life expectancy of five to eight years.

Fusion Lithium batteries offer drop-in replacements for N70. N100, N150 AND N200 deep cycle and starting batteries, no special chargers required. SPECIAL 12v 100AH Fusion Lithium Only $795.

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Published in print July-September 2021