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Your boating adventure starts here, with a selection of leading products to improve your time out on the water. Join the conversation on our social media channels and let us know about any of these products you’ve used. You can recommend a great product for us to review by  contacting


Designed to slide under the duck board of most cruisers. The heavy duty pool is encased by a removable net and has 4 drink holders placed in each corner. Ideal for a quick dip, having a drink, and chill out on the back of your boat. There is ample area around the pool for sunbathing and it is strong enough for you to walk around. Drink holders transform into anchor points to secure a 2.4m marquee for shade. There are also 8 anchor lugs around the deck for parking jet skis, tenders, and any other water toys. The area that slides under your duck board is layered with a 1.2mm ribbed rubber matting for protection. The net which is 1.3 metres deep with pockets in each corner for placing weights, and also zips in and out for easy installation. The net has very small holes which are approximately 1.1mm in diameter which makes it great to use while keeping stingers out.


See what you’re missing 

If you’re looking for a set of quality polarised sunglasses specifically designed with boaters in mind, then look no further than Tonic Polarised Eyewear. The brainchild of optical industry stalwart, Doug Phillips, the Tonic brand is the result of thousands of hours of research and development, which has resulted in the clearest, lightest and most optically correct polarised sunglasses on the market today. Tonic is the only sunglass manufacturer in Australia using Crown Corning Glass, the clearest glass lens currently available in the world. Combine that with a unique light filtration system, and you have a lens that delivers unsurpassed clarity and colour enhancement. Tonic’s Gen2 SLICELENS is the thinnest polarised lens on the market at only 1.7mm thick and is 35% lighter than comparable products in the market, allowing them to be worn all day without fatigue. All Tonic lenses are decentred, which eliminates the prism effect and offers precise depth of field and distance vision. An anti-reflective coating is another important feature of all Tonic lenses. Applied to the back surface of the lens, this coating prevents reflective bounce back, which is very important if navigating a boat in super bright conditions. Tonic’s range is extensive with frame styles to suit all head shapes for both males and females. Lenses include the popular blue mirror and green mirror as well as the industry leading Photochromic copper or grey glass lenses. For more information visit


Shaped as a ‘Y’ this pontoon allows you to easily park your boat quickly in the centre of the ‘Y’. It also allows parking stations for another two boats or water toys, on either side of the ‘Y’. It is the only model that allows you access on and off your boat from the bow, and both sides of your boat. Most customers with bowriders have purchased this model, making it the most popular pontoon model. Available in two models: 8.5 metre or 4.5 metre.


Great for families, teenagers, seniors, and your four-legged pets. It’s a fun way to relax and play on the water beside your boat or used in a swimming pool. The patented Flexcore technology combined with marine grade cross linked UV resistant material, ensures that it will last for years. The Flexcore adds strength and puncture resistance to pads. It’s the lightest weight reinforcing structure available and will remain flexible and easy to roll up and has no roll-memory so lays flatter quicker when unrolled. Aqua Lily Pad has a Ripstop feature using a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping. Family size Aqua Lily Pads, come with a tether kit system for the standard pre-cut hole in the centre of one end, where you can secure to your boat. All sizes come with velcro straps which keep the mat secured when rolled. To use the Aqua Lily Pad, simply remove the straps and attach to boat or jetty, unroll and enjoy! The top of the range Aqua Lily Pad “Bullfrog” is 6m x 1.8m, weighs only 17kg, holds up to 750kg, and when rolled up it has a diameter of just 70cm.


Suzuki Marine is globally recognised for making advanced technology and features available to boaters of all types – not just those who run the largest, highest-horsepower outboards. This tradition continues with the introduction of Suzuki’s new-for-2021 DF115BG and DF140BG 4-stroke outboards, the first in their class to offer all the advantages of drive-by-wire technology. By bringing its proven drive-by-wire technology to its 115HP and 140HP in-line four-cylinder models, Suzuki is providing simplified rigging for a wide range of boat builders, along with silky smooth shifting, instant throttle response, enhanced performance and superior fuel efficiency. The reliability and precision control of Suzuki’s drive-by-wire technology has been proven for years on Suzuki’s popular 150HP through 350HP models.



Published in print October-December 2021