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Cruise across the water at high speed, then glide beneath the surface to explore the underwater world with the speed and agility of a dolphin. The SeaDart experience combines the wonder of natural marine scenery and wildlife, with the adrenaline and exhilaration of a jet ski.

The SeaDart is the most advanced addition to the iAqua range. The high-performance electric water-jets are the latest in iAqua’s unique design, improved engineering and technology. The new triple-sealing battery design provides advanced safety and durability. An illuminated ultra-crisp LCD display makes for easy control and underwater clarity. Hydrodynamically tested bumpers reduce drag and allow for exhilarating underwater speeds.

The iAqua SeaDart is the most elite luxury water toy on the market today. Offering an exciting ride, this thrilling sea jet ensures endless fun for all ages and abilities. The SeaDart can reach speeds up to 25 km/hr and depths of 30m, while also including lock-out systems to maximise safety and family fun. PH: 0467 954 217




Published in print January-March 2022