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Impact Boats: New Level in Survey-Standard Boats

Impact Boats: New Level in Survey-Standard Boats

Innovative Australian manufacturer Marinescapes have recently entered the commercial vessel market with their range of Impact Boats, a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction for survey-standard vessels.

General Manager Peter Baxevanis says, “HDPE is an amazing material suited to all forms of marine application. And that’s why with our 20yrs + of commercial boat building experience and hundreds of proven boat designs under our collective portfolio, we have decided to offer the world an attractive, commercial-grade, survey- ready range of vessels.”

HDPE is the perfect material for commercial vessels and floating marine solutions. Its benefits are many with the more obvious being: indestructible material; fireproof; shallow water capabilities; virtually zero maintenance; extremely high impact resistant; no antifouling necessary; neutrally buoyant material; performance-proven hulls; and easy self-repairs for remote area usage. There are various deck configurations available, open layouts or closed cabin, side and rear access doors and a choice of colours available.

With over 18 months of product development for the first models, the team have over 40 years of combined boat-building experience with over 280 designs, ranging from 4 to 14m, in their portfolio. “The beauty of our hull designs is that it allows for the boat to be built with either flat sides, HDPE ribbing (as shown), or lower rib design style using foam or air filled ribbing,“ says Peter.


The 6m Impact Boat is a fully operational commercial vessel on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Constructed using our PlasPlate construction method, this HDPE design has a similar weight to plate alloy boats, yet comes with all the additional benefits, which only HDPE material can offer.

SPECS: LOA 6.18m with a beam 2.5m; displacement is 1.25T (lightship); carrying capacity of 7 people; can be fitted with a maximum power capacity of 2 x 140HP outboards.

Peter is very excited about the possibilities “The organisations and agencies that can use such a vessel are police, fire, sea rescue, fisheries, military, tour operators, work crew transport, commercial and recreational fishing. Impact boats are perfect for remote area applications due to their high strength and low maintenance requirements.”

Impact Boats are designed to meet the new stringent survey requirements and they will work closely with customers to provide the best solution with the maximum return on their investment.

Currently in production is an 8-meter version, powered by 2 x 225 Sea Pro Mercury engines, with an expected top speed of approximately 55 knots. It has incredible stability, and offers great handling and ride comfort with its sharp entry, twin-stepped hull and wide chine design. Expected to be completed in March 2020, the list of interested parties waiting to test ride this model is growing by the day.


highly reduced landing impact
= less injury and fatigue
= more safety and comfort

quiet hull
= added boating pleasure

unsinkable, brilliant rough-weather handling, very stable hull designs


no antifouling necessary, no osmosis or electrolysis, 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly materials, extreme high-impact resistance, very low carbon footprint, extreme long-life expectancy

slick ride = less power needed, faster and more economical

For more information about Impact Boats or to test drive their new 8-metre HDPE boat, simply call 1300 363 586, or email

Editorial by Andy Kancachian
Published in the April-July 2020 print edition.

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