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Garmin Panoptix sonar or livescope is opening up a new world for serious fishermen. It makes it possible to see fish and bait swimming, in real time, around or under your boat — even when the boat is not moving. It shows highly detailed, easyto- interpret live scanning sonar images of structure.

The entry level Panoptix LiveScope™ LVS12 transducer provides an economical solution for your GPSMAP® 8400xsv chartplotter — without the need for a black box — with 30-degree forward and 30-degree down real-time scanning sonar views.

Easily adjust the transducer to switch between LiveScope™ Down and LiveScope™ Forward modes to suit your fishing technique. The view will automatically update on your compatible Garmin Chartplotter. Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) stabilization keeps your sonar view steady, even in rough conditions.

LiveScope™ Forward mode is an excellent tool for scouting and fishing out ahead of your cast. You’re looking at live, highly detailed and easy-to interpret scanning sonar images of structure and fish swimming all around your boat — up to 200 ft — even while your boat is stationary.


LiveScope™ Down mode allows you to see live, easy-to-interpret scanning sonar images of structure and swimming fish in incredible detail below your boat —up to 200 ft — even while your boat is stationary.

The top of the line model Includes a compact GLS 10 sonar black box with LVS32 transducer and simple plug-and-play Garmin Marine Network connector to install easily and integrate seamlessly with your compatible Garmin chartplotter. Use the transducer as a supplemental traditional and ClearVü sonar source to see a historical representation of structure and fish below your boat. Available with trolling motor, transom and thru-hull mount transducer options.


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Published in print July-September 2021