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Nestled in Thornlands, Redland CITY Marina is your premier destination for boat maintenance and storage. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to fulfil all your needs, whether it’s new boat construction, routine maintenance, or urgent repairs.

Our mission is to redefine the marina experience, fostering a sense of happiness, exceptional service, and a second-family atmosphere for all our visitors. David Paterson, the visionary owner, proudly states, “Our proficient team excels at organizing your boats, valuing your input, and caring for your cherished vessels with unwavering dedication. With years of teamwork, we ensure our valued clients and guests receive top-tier service.”



SLIPWAY – Our efficient Slipway operates five days a week, hoisting boats up to 30 tonnes and up to 60 feet, providing flexibility for busy schedules. Paired with the Sealift, we feature specialized trolleys for slipping mono hulls, multi hulls, and house boats. Our experienced manager, Ken, can guide you in selecting the most suitable options for your vessel.

30 TONNE HYDRAULIC SEALIFT – Our submersible hydraulic Sealift offers unparalleled support for your boat. Designed for wide-beam multihulls and monohulls, our unique 30-tonne hydraulic submersible Sealift employs cushioned arms to lift and secure your boat efficiently.

HARDSTAND – Secure short-term and long-term hardstand storage is available for those preferring to keep their boats out of the water. Each hardstand area is equipped with power and water for your convenience.

REFIT/MAINTENANCE SHEDS – Our spacious Refit/Maintenance sheds are lockable, providing a weather-protected environment for your work. These sheds offer access to power and water, ensuring your projects proceed smoothly.

PAINT SHED – Our dedicated fully certified paint area is equipped for various services, including vessel resprays, two pack and single pack finishes, gel coat repairs, timber varnishing, oiling, and teak restorations. These areas are fully secure and ready for your painting needs.

ANTIFOULING – Protect your boat with essential antifouling services. Regular cleaning and antifouling every 12-18 months are vital for vessel maintenance. Redland CITY Marina offers professional applications of antifouling, airless spraying, protective epoxy coatings, and prop speed solutions.

ON-SITE CHANDLERY – Our well-stocked Chandlery is open six days a week Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm and Saturday 7am to 12pm, offering a wide range of supplies to accommodate every budget. From paints and anodes to electrical, safety equipment, fibreglass, plumbing, and stainless steel boat fittings, our professional advice ensures your projects are a success.

DRY RACK STORAGE – Dry-stack your boat to eliminate the hassles of saltwater maintenance. Experience benefits like hull preservation, extended anode life, and a clutter-free driveway. Enjoy unlimited launch and retrieval services with a one-hour turnaround time, plus secure storage that may reduce your insurance premiums.



At Redland CITY Marina, we provide direct access to professional tradespeople for new builds, restorations, repairs, caulking, refurbishing, sanding and fairing, osmosis solutions, mechanical repairs and sales, complete boat detailing, prop speed applications, fibreglass work, and welding.

Connect with us through our online directory at or call our office at (07) 3207 7506 for more information.








Published in print January-March 2024