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Look no further than PMK Marine for all your marine engine servicing and repair needs across the Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast regions. With an extensive focus on Volvo Penta engines, PMK Marine boasts over two decades of unmatched service excellence.

At PMK Marine, being a family-owned and operated enterprise translates into an unyielding commitment to customer contentment. Their service spectrum encompasses a wide array of offerings tailored to cater to the diverse requirements of boat proprietors.


Marine Engine Maintenance & Rehabilitation: At PMK Marine, they wholeheartedly understand the significance of routine upkeep to avert breakdowns and preempt costly overhauls. The adept technicians, proficient in handling marine engines of all brands and models—like Mercruiser, Yanmar, and Cummins—stand ready to provide reliable servicing and repair.

Marine Engine Revamps: For the more intricate engine tribulations, PMK Marine extends full-scale engine and gearbox revamping services. Their competent technicians, armed with comprehensive expertise, undertake intricate rebuilds, culminating in peak performance and unwavering dependability.

Insurance & Warranty Rectifications: Navigating through insurance claims and warranty rectifications is a breeze with PMK Marine by your side. Armed with expertise, they liaise with insurance providers and streamline the bureaucratic processes, delivering a seamless resolution experience.


Endorsement of Eminence and Experience: Having sculpted an unwavering repute over two decades, PMK Marine has cultivated steadfast patronage and reliance. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and a craftsmanship that breathes quality have firmly entrenched them as a lauded marine service purveyor in the locale.

Firmly Rooted in Volvo Penta Specialisation: Proudly designated as a Volvo Penta marine workshop, PMK Marine boasts a profound reservoir of insight and proficiency in servicing and reviving Volvo engines. Their constant engagement with the cutting-edge trends and technological strides within Volvo Penta systems underscores their unwavering commitment to mastery.

Artisans of Acumen: PMK Marine’s prized asset comprises a cohort of artisans, distinguished by their profound acumen and impeccable qualifications. Regularly subjected to industry-evolutionary training, they remain perennially informed of the industry’s dynamism, adeptly identifying, and troubleshooting engine complications.

Rolling Workshops on Wheels: Incorporating yet another facet of convenience, PMK Marine introduces mobile technicians, complete with fully equipped vehicles.

Tailored to cater to customers unable to transport their vessels to the service centre, these certified technicians administer on-site interventions and repairs.

For unparalleled marine engine servicing and repairs, PMK Marine stands as the definitive choice. With an unwavering dedication to customer gratification, specialized expertise, and a seasoned cadre of technicians, they stand prepared to address the complete spectrum of your marine engine requisites. Connect with PMK Marine today to secure the zenith of performance and longevity for your vessel’s heart—the engine. 

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Published in print October-December 2023