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Marinescapes Water Trailer

Marinescapes Water Trailer

Marinescapes is a Melbourne-based marine infrastructure company with vast experience in the design and manufacture of marine floatation platforms.

Having undergone a major restructure over the past two years, Marinescapes have been busy developing and expanding their product range. They have undergone a rigorous process of market research and customer needs questionnaire.

Marinescapes have invested heavily in new technology and machinery, and have begun their rollout of marine solutions to meet customers and legislative changing requirements. “There was real need to create a tough and easy-to-use dry berthing solution for customers with smaller boats and budgets. People wanted something that could handle the punishment of sitting on rocky and muddy bottoms right through to deep tidal waterways.”

The Water Trailer was born, the first product Marinescapes have developed and successfully launched. There are several benefits of the Water Trailer. There is no power required. It is designed to arrive in one piece making it
easy to self-install to save on installation fees. It is perfect for both shallow and deep water berthing. It does not have metal or moving parts to rust, cease, tear or puncture.

The Water Trailer has been designed and built to protect your boat in all conditions, provide an excellent return on your investment, is very simple to use, and has the ability to outlive the life of the boat. It comes in both a six-metre and seven-metre versions, with the ability to take monohull boats up to approximately 6.2m in length and 1900 kg in weight. It has a width of 2.5m with cleats on both sides to allow for easy installation of an aluminium walkway to allow for easy all round access to your boat. The wide water stance of the Water Trailer also means that it ensures an extremely stable platform for your boat to sit safely on.

If you’re in the market for a good looking, tough, easy to use and low maintenance dry berthing solution, the Water Trailer could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

More recently, Marinescapes have entered the market with a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) offering for survey standard boats. Marketing under

IMPACT Boats, with over 18 months of product development, the current Marinescapes owners and their affiliated engineering firm have over 40 years of combined boat building experience with over 280 designs, ranging from 4 to 11m in their portfolio. Both their initial builds that were built for their own demonstration purposes have been sold prior to completion. Not yet officially launched, they are already busy working on their next projects on boats ranging from 4.8 to 8m for the commercial sector. Its benefits of HDPE built boats are many with the more obvious being:

● High impact resistance
● Flexible in design and customisation
● Simple to repair
● UV Resistant
● Won’t rust
● Not subject to electrolysis or osmosis
● No antifouling required
● Easy to clean
● Lighter than water, making it unsinkable

More information can be found on the Marinescapes website or by simply giving them a call on 1300 363 586.



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