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NEW Boat Management Service

NEW Boat Management Service

Got a boat moored in Queensland or New South Wales but don’t live in the area? Are you a new or inexperienced boat owner or just find it difficult to keep up with the maintenance of your vessel? Would you like to have a professional boatie looking after your pride and joy?

We have great news for you. BoatSmart HQ has just arrived in the area and will be covering all of your local marinas. It’s a unique maintenance and support package that ensures your boat is safe, seaworthy and ready to go whenever you need it.

BOATSMART HQ MEANS YOU SPEND MORE TIME CRUISING, LESS TIME MAINTAINING. As soon as you sign up, you’ll have your own dedicated First Mate who will get to know you and your vessel inside and out. You also have 24/7 access to a full range of boat management services.

VESSEL INSPECTION REPORTS. Every month, your First Mate will carry out a thorough 50-point Vessel Inspection Report which covers every system on your boat. You can monitor and control all of your First Mate’s servicing and maintenance work remotely through the unique mobile BoatSmart HQ app too.

SHIP’S LOG. The Ship’s Log stores every Vessel Inspection Report plus any service, maintenance or renovation work you’ve asked for. It’s like the service history for your car and is essential in helping you to maintain or improve the value of your boat.

WALK ON SERVICE. Walk On is a managed service that makes sure that your vessel is ready to go out – so you can literally get onboard and sail away. It’s the perfect hassle-free way to make the most of your time on the water – and you can book it through the app.

WALK OFF SERVICE. Walk Off is the perfect way to end your cruising trip. As soon as you dock, your First Mate gets your vessel fully shipshape ready for your next adventure. You can relax knowing that your boat has been well looked after and securely moored.

With BoatSmart HQ, you get all the freedom and pleasure of boat ownership, but don’t have to do any of the routine maintenance tasks. Your First Mate takes care of everything while you’re not there.

MORE BOATSMART HQ FRANCHISEES ARE WANTED IN THIS AREA. Master Franchisee in Australia, David McPhee, is looking forward to launching BoatSmart HQ to help boat owners throughout Queensland and NSW.

With OTE of $100,000 – $200,000 (depending on the option selected), you can quickly build up vessel subscriptions in your local area through your network of contacts, all backed by BoatSmart HQ’s national marketing support. For an initial starting fee, you receive:

> Intensive training that includes all aspects of running your BoatSmart HQ business

> Full support and assistance from Franchise HQ through all phases of establishing and running your new business

> Access to the software and tools you need to run a successful BoatSmart HQ franchise

> A full set of operations manuals which covers everything you need to know about the day-to-day requirements of running your business

> An advertising and marketing plan to launch your franchise

> Ongoing training and access to updates and improvements

> A continuous marketing programme to build awareness and ensure a steady flow of enquiries

To find out more today, call David McPhee at BoatSmart HQ on 0411 512 934, email or visit



Published in print October-December 2021