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Next Generation Remote Control Solutions

Next Generation Remote Control Solutions

A truly intuitive system, Dockmate allows boaters to easily operate engines, bow and stern thrusters, anchor winch, and horn from anywhere on board with a small handheld wireless remote. Boaters can move around the vessel for better visibility when manoeuvring and enjoy complete confidence in even the tightest of waterways.

Continuing to expand the capability and compatibility of its wireless remote-control system, Dockmate now supports an unparalleled number of accessories and offers an unprecedented level of customisation.

A pocket-sized extension of a boat’s controls, Dockmate can mimic response time and feel for a seamless user experience or be customized to meet the specific preferences of individual boaters. Customisable software enables installers to precisely adjust maximum and minimum throttle for engines and thrusters, to ensure improved response time and boat handling to meet challenging docking conditions, such as high winds or strong currents.

Dockmate is available in four models: Single, Twin, Twist 3-axis joystick with proportional control, and Twist for POD drives such as the Volvo IPS. Each Dockmate system includes a wireless handheld transmitter with an easy-grip rubber finish, lanyard, compact receiver and plug-and-play cables for most brands of engines and thrusters. The system features state-of-the-art “fail safe” technology and breakthrough advancements that increase product reliability as well as operating range without the need for additional hardware.

The Dockmate Twist remote, with 3-axis proportional joystick, has proven to be extremely popular due to its ease of use and ability to easily manoeuver the vessel single-handedly with precision. The Twist remote allows proportional control of engines and thrusters, as well as rotation of the vessel by simply twisting the joystick knob.

The 3-axis joystick moves 360 degrees: forward, backwards, sideways, diagonally and everywhere in between. You can also push down on the joystick to activate the horn. The Dockmate Twist Joystick for IPS acts as a portable version of your boat’s built-in joystick, with the exact same feeling and response time.

The transmitter’s two-way communication ensures faultless operation, utilising advanced Frequency Hopping Spectrum System (FHSS) wireless technology which spreads a signal over rapidly changing frequencies for uninterrupted transmissions. With 88-bit encoding and operating on digital FM modulation, the rolling code changes 5x per second over 5 different channels in each direction, providing greater reliability, security and range.

The device has a range of 150 feet and offers users both visual and audible confirmation on the receiver’s status. The transmitter is waterproof and floats, and should it somehow slip out of your hands, then all systems immediately drop
to neutral. To optimize battery performance, the transmitter will automatically shut down after 30 minutes of non-use. Dockmate is compatible with both 12- and 24-volt systems. The compact receiver measures 22x22x6cm to allow for discrete installation, designed with a modular construction for quick customization and installation of additional control modules. If installing another thruster, all that would be required is an additional module to the receiver. As the system can be modified to suit any vessel with electronic controls, Dockmate can also be taken with you should you change boats.

Backed by an industry-leading three-year manufacturer’s warranty, and with its enhanced functionality and compatibility using the latest in advanced technology, Dockmate offers “next generation” remote control solutions to improve the boating experience.

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