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Rod Twitchin Marine – PROFESSIONAL MAINTENANCE & REFITS – By experienced Tradespeople

Rod Twitchin Marine – PROFESSIONAL MAINTENANCE & REFITS – By experienced Tradespeople

Conveniently located at The Boat Works, Rod Twitchin Marine (RTM) offers an unparalleled unique business suite of services from the southern yard.

RTM professional services and management of refit and maintenance are all under one roof. The team of experienced tradespeople combine years of experience, doing what they love. The wisdom of the older staff is complemented by the younger team members who contribute with new technology and an abundance of enthusiasm.

The RTM workmanship is quality assured, and there is a transparent and continuous dialogue with the boat owner, keeping them informed about the progress of the works. It is their firm belief that best business practice is to have the difficult conversations at the start of the project and a handshake upon completion.

Refit and maintenance works start with good planning by their experienced team of captains and engineers. RTM guarantees unwavering integrity, and their experience safeguards your best interests, so they are focussed on meeting deadlines and budgets. Where possible, RTM will offer clients an estimate or firm quotation to reflect the scope of work required. If the scope varies due to the nature of refit, RTM will advise the client of any variations to the costing, gaining permission prior to conducting any additional works.

A list of professional services includes: vessel surveying, pre-purchase inspections, insurance condition reporting, vessel valuations, project management and consultancy, and expert witness services. The services will end with seatrials and commissioning, both of which are a very important part of most repair works. RTM encourage a safe and clean working environment on the shop floor and aboard client vessels. The factory area incorporates a mezzanine floor that provides their experienced shipwrights adequate workspace to undertake a variety of work in-house. The lower floor houses the engineering team, with the ability to conduct machining, welding, and overhauling of systems, pumps and componentry.

While RTM works regularly on large boats, they are also adaptable enough to refit ski boats, undertake annual maintenance of a sail boat or service a small cruiser. The refit and maintenance division cater for all types of vessel projects no matter how big or small.

RTM specialise in complete boat maintenance including, repairs and painting, fibreglass and wood works, fine finished cabinetry and fitout, servicing and installation of machinery, servicing of ancillary and propulsion systems, along with partially or fully refitting vessels, of all types and sizes. Another support asset is their ability to conduct diagnostics. Typically, fixing a defective item or failed system is the easy part; finding the issue is the tricky part, which can be costly. However, given the RTM collective knowledge, problems are usually rectified very efficiently.

Over the years, RTM has provided services to countless local boat owners and has forged trusted relationships, sharing their many years of seamanship and best seakeeping practices. Having spent many years at sea, the team support boat owners with safe and reliable practical advice required to understand the rigours put on the vessel while at sea.

RTM also specialises in tailoring and managing full or partial maintenance programs, ensuring your vessel is reliable and ready for you to step on and steam away. Their well-documented maintenance plans are also an asset to your vessel with insurance and future sales in mind.

Working with recreational and commercial boat owners, crew, and operators, RTM services ensure safe, reliable boating and smooth vessel management, making them the perfect partners for your entire lifecycle of boating.


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Published in print April-June 2022