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S t i n k y B o at ? – New product removes smells on board

S t i n k y B o at ? – New product removes smells on board

It is inevitable that if you own a boat and it has been sitting unused, it will develop odours. Often just a good airing out will take care of the problem. But if not, you will have to find a way to eliminate the offending aromas or risk losing your crew to a fresher smelling vessel.

The cause of boat odours can come from many sources. Think about fuel funk, stinky head, damp anchor and rope lockers, galley areas, tackle tubs and mildew or mould often associated with bunk upholstery. Discover how to eliminate the source rather than just masking the smells with toxic sprays or messy gels. Let’s add that running costly electric dehumidifiers and air conditioners, apart from the noise, are becoming a no-no these days due to planet climate concerns.

Here is the good news captains. Proven by many users since introduction to Australia in 2016, the pure linen non-toxic Kingpin Activated Charcoal Eco Packs , 20cm (500g) and 16cm( 200g) will naturally absorb allergens, odours and moisture to purify the interior air of your boat, caravan or home.

Not forgetting the WOW factor. When Kingpin Eco Packs are placed in the sun occasionally for an hour, the UV rays will disperse the unwanted elements of odours and moisture, allowing recycled use again and again for more than two years.

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Published in print April-June 2022