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Sealegs: Be Amphibious

Sealegs: Be Amphibious

Sealegs amphibious craft were conceived as a solution to a problem. The problem – all the hassle and time involved in launching and retrieving a boat from a beach-front property or boat ramp. The solution – Sealegs amphibious craft, which drive on land without compromising on-water performance.

Using patented amphibious technology, Sealegs craft drive on land and, with the push of a button, swiftly transform themselves into high-speed powerboats on water. No more waiting in queues at boat ramps, no more reversing trailers, no more catching the tides. Sealegs solves all these problems and more. Sealegs owners report up to 4x more use from their boat after switching to Sealegs, and it’s easy to see why.

Sealegs have been in production since 2004, growing from a spark of Kiwi ingenuity into a fully-fledged commercial boat-builder producing over 100 amphibious craft a year in their Auckland facility. Local representation and a network of service agents means that Sealegs amphibious craft are fully supported in Australia, and a demonstration at your home is just a phone call away.

Brand new from Sealegs is the 8.5m Alloy Cabin. The 8.5m combines the comfort of an enclosed cabin, the internal space provided by the all-alloy hull and the latest in Sealegs Amphibious technology to create an unbeatable amphibious experience.

The newly developed Enhanced Power Steering (EPS) system uses a smart PLC to ensure ideal steering performance on both water and land, an upgraded 35hp inboard engine provides better torque in difficult terrain and a 250hp outboard will have you comfortably cruising at speeds up to 25 knots and gives you a top speed of 39. Supporting this is the unique plumb bow with hydrodynamic stability chines and Zipwake dynamic trim-control system, providing an unparalleled ride on the water.

The Sealegs amphibious system on the 8.5m Alloy Cabin has been redesigned to be integrated under-deck and into the transom, freeing up valuable deck space for storage and seating. Included in this design is a walk-through transom and modular “pod” (which comes as a bait station with rod holders as standard).

Contact Sealegs directly at or on 1300 SEALEGS to find out how you can spend more time on the water and less time getting there.