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Seapen: Keeps Boats Out of Water

Seapen: Keeps Boats Out of Water

The SeaPen is for boaties wanting to keep their boat moored in the water without the cost of antifouling the hull and the hassle of trying to maintain a boat that lives in the water.

Local company, DockPro, manufacture SeaPen for all types of vessels, both recreational and commercial vessels. Not only are they suited for power boats, SeaPens are also built to dock racing yachts, catamarans and monohull sailing boats up to 85ft.

The SeaPen Advanced Dry Docking Technology boasts of the only water level docking multi-entry system, allowing the boat owner to reverse in, enter sideways, or at an angle, which makes it easier to moor no matter the situation. A vessel can have outboards, stern drives, jets, IPS, shaft, keel, you name it – the SeaPen can be used to dry dock at water level.

The SeaPen is an easy and safe docking system. There is no need to jump off the boat to grab mooring lines; you simply drive-in to dock. It acts as a boat catcher, allowing easy parking without the need for crew assistance making boating enjoyable and safer for you and the family.

The SeaPen will keep your boat clean and dry, and it prevents barnacles and other growth on your hull. There is no longer a need to antifoul, which optimises boat performance and minimises the usual maintenance costs of cleaning the hull and props.

The SeaPen is long-term protection of your boating investment. This docking system helps you keep your boat growth-free and ready to go, which makes it a great alternative to davits or lifts.


The new 2019 SeaPen SQ has major design improvements over previous models. The company has redesigned and reengineered to improve performance and durability, and now comes standard with a remote control system.

Using 3D design technology modeling, SeaPen has had a complete redesign of the skin and rope mesh, which allows the contours to follow the hull to minimise water volume and improve depths for operation at the stern. A new square front is designed to suit the new wave of boat models and hull designs. This increases convenience by allowing 360° boat access, while being universal in nature to suit monohulls, catamarans and pontoon boats.

The remote control operates the SeaPen within minutes with a press of a button, for fast, easy and convenient boat access to the water.

The new SeaPen Smart Monitoring System uses algorithmic technology to drain the water away from your boat and empty the SeaPen, turning on periodically to test for water and pump it dry. The system then goes back into standby mode.

The patented rope mesh technology maximises the air space around the boat, allowing ventilation for your hull to breathe. The mesh also acts to protect the SeaPen skin from props and trim tabs, and allowing the water to drain away quickly via the smart bilge system.

An advanced polymer skin technology prevents barnacle growth on the outside of the skin making it virtually maintenance-free, with generally no need to remove the SeaPen skin for cleaning.


DockPro was one of the recipients of the Innovation Award for the SeaPen system, during the Miami International Boat Show Innovation Awards 2019, organised by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) in the United States.

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