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With the introduction of its latest-generation smart boat monitoring system, the Siren 3 Pro in 2020, Siren Marine launched a Connected Boat® revolution that has reached around the world.

Siren Marine pioneered Connected Boat® technology going back as far as 2009, using early available cell networks and text-based messaging to inform boaters of problems on their vessels when they were not aboard. Now based in Newport, Rhode Island, the centre of American maritime tradition and innovation, Siren Marine’s team of dedicated boaters, technicians and visionaries continues to bring the most advanced telematics and connectivity to the industry.

The technology, capabilities and features found in today’s Siren 3 Pro system have captured the attention of boat and engine builders, OEM equipment manufacturers and boating enthusiasts around the world. This is especially true across Australia’s Gold Coast region. With the hard work and assistance of a full-service electronics dealer like A Sea Marine Electrics of Coomera, more boats are being outfitted every day – and joining Siren Marine’s Connected Boat® revolution.

Today’s Siren 3 Pro expands on what Siren Marine has provided boat owners for the last decade — peace of mind and the security of stress-free boating. It connects with the free Siren Marine App for comprehensive boat monitoring and remote-control using iOS or Android based phones and tablets. The Siren 3 Pro Main Device is at the heart of this system. It features built-in GPS tracking, global LTE cellular connectivity and easily interfaces with a wide range of advanced wireless and wired sensors. The Siren 3 Pro is also satellite-ready for long-distance cruisers using the SirenSat Offshore antenna.

This technology gives boaters the power to monitor important conditions — including security, geofence alerts, bilge pump activity, battery health, battery switch status, shore power status, location and more.

The Siren 3 Pro also features built-in NMEA 2000 connectivity that unlocks the full power of digital switching and puts unparalleled control and data at the fingertips of boaters. By partnering with digital switching pioneers such as CZone, Siren Marine takes the power of digital switching up to the cloud and then onto the boater’s mobile device. Today, boaters can turn on cabin lights, switch on A/C or turn on the refrigerator ahead of time, right from the palm of their hand. By controlling these systems remotely, everything is ready to go when the boater arrives.

The value of this level of power and control has not gone unnoticed by Gold Coast boaters. According to A Sea Marine’s Harald Farthofer, he has been installing systems on a range of power cruisers and sport fishing boats ranging from 45 to 100 feet. “All of our customers keep their boats in the water, so they recognise the benefits of always knowing what is happening aboard their vessels,” said Farthofer. “Theft prevention and tracking are always key points for customers, but so is the ability to monitor things like bilge pump activity, battery voltage and shore power. Security usually brings the customer to us, but the whole package is what really sells the product,” added Farthofer.

He offered some recent examples of customer experiences to illustrate this. One common scenario is when shore power drops out. The customer receives an instant alert to their phone, which saves them from a chain reaction of failures due to battery voltage dropping and refrigerators shutting down. Another customer experienced excessive bilge pump operation, which led to a hose coming off its fitting. Because the customer was alerted, they avoided the disaster of the bilge pump failing after hours upon hours of running.

At the very least, this would have resulted in extensive damage to the vessel’s timber flooring and cabinetry. Sinking at the dock — where studies show it happens most often — was a very real possibility. But because the Siren Marine system alerted the user to the problem right away, it was nothing more than a maintenance issue.

The “typical” system for Gold Coast boaters consists of the Siren 3 Pro main device along with add-on sensors to monitor shore power, two bilge pumps and one high-water alarm. Most customers add a second battery sensor and, on larger vessels, sensors to monitor generator batteries. On the security side, most customers monitor the main entrance and crew/engine room doors. Some also add deck pressure sensors to alert them if somebody steps onboard. Instances of unauthorized entry can trigger deck lights, strobes, alarm sirens and other deterrents.

“Installation is normally a day’s work, and the system can be upgraded or expanded at any time,” said Farthofer. “The product has ongoing development and new features coming on the market frequently through over-the-air updates. The Siren Marine system is constantly growing and evolving, so it will be up to date for a long time to come.”

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Published in print October-December 2021

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