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The new 2250 WT model is the younger sibling of the immensely popular original 2250; with the added addition of a walk through cabin. The 2250 range has easily become some of the most popular Stabicraft vessels in an already impressive line-up. The walk-through cabin allows for easy access to the bow, optimising all the space in the boat. It also allows for easy embarking/disembarking when adventuring coastlines. The perfect fishing machine that’s also kid-friendly. No need to squeeze past the cabin to reach the bow with this boat, just step through the door! Large windows on all sides of the cabin create a bright interior, with plenty of seats for the family.  The innovatively-designed doorway ensures a proper watertight seal when underway, but also opens in such a way that it forms steps for easy access. Each section is fitted on gas struts so it’s easy to open and close single-handedly. As Chief Revenue Officer Daniel Upperton says, “The walk-thru feature is ideal for young families or mature couples wanting to make the most of their time on the water, visiting friends and families on remote islands.”

The Stabicraft 2250 Ultracab WT makes weekend camping trips a reality, thanks to an optional vee-berth as well as a convertible double-cabin berth. These additions make sleeping up 4 four adults a breeze. The Stabicraft blood runs through this model; it’s clear to see in its on-water performance. A fully welded aluminium floor creates a long-living, hard-wearing base. Optional Ultralon U-Dek flooring amps up the comfort factor, making standing up and fishing for hours easy.

Legendary Stabicraft Arrow Pontoons create a virtually unsinkable vessel, with incredible stability underway and at rest. The optional injected foam in the pontoons will make a quieter ride too. Stabicraft doesn’t stop here with its build; the Game Chaser Transom comes as standard on all 2250 Ultracab WTs. This uniquely designed transom allows for easy backing up on game fish for the pros, as well as for skippers who want to nose their boats into the shoreline. The transom shape minimises waves at the stern, allowing a more comfortable ride. With over three decades of boat manufacturing experience, the Stabicraft crew are pros.

There are two packages available: the 2250 Ultracab WT and the 2250 Ultracab WT Offshore. The Offshore model features a three-quarter width transom fish box with port-side gate, rear bulkhead clear cabin curtains, and a forward v-berth configuration to sleep two adults. So pick your poison; either one will have you covered for a lifetime of fishing. The boat is best powered at 225/250hp, but can accommodate up to 300hp if needed. It truly is a unique and innovatively designed vessel, and makes life on the water that much easier.

Northside Marine is set to receive a Stabicraft 2250 Ultracab WT soon. It will be fitted out with a Yamaha F250XCA outboard. This is bound to be a popular boat at the dealership and already selling well, so be sure to come down to Northside Marine to have an inspection of the boat. Contact our Stabicraft expert, Mark Golden, for further information on this fantastic vessel!

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Published in print July-September 2021



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