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Snapper Off North Straddie

Snapper Off North Straddie

Conditions were perfect for an early morning snapper fish off North Straddie. The winds light, summer current gone and a moon still in the sky until 9.18am. We set off early Sunday morning from Jacobs Well to avoid the crowds and arrive at the Jumpinpin Bar at first light.

In our favour, it was the start of the in tide and the swell was small. But the bar has shallowed in recent years with no definite channel and the previous big tide was still causing an outgoing current under the incoming tide that created a steep face on the small swell. This created a challenging crossing, which we handled by working the throttle to create momentum to ride over the waves at a 10- to 15-degree angle, and then cutting the throttle as we dropped down the back of the wave before accelerating to the next wave and minimising our time in the strike zone. We took some air but no spray on the boat.

Next stop was the bait grounds where we quickly loaded up on slimy mackerel. We expected the snapper to switch off after the moon set so we made our way quickly to spot X. Conditions were perfect (no current and very light winds) and the sounder showed fish on a little lump out from the main reef where I had caught the biggest snapper in the past. I put down a 7-inch Gulp in Nuclear Chicken on a 3⁄4 ounce 6/O TT Lures Rev Head with a silver Colorado blade.

The line settled in the light conditions, and as we passed the best life on the sounder I was on – first drop! I had good leverage on the fish and knew my greatest threat was if the fish got back down to the reef and rubbed the line. With a tight drag, I fought the fish up from the bottom and then eased the drag. With anticipation in the crystal clear deep blue water, I saw colour and then the fish – a magnificent 80cm snapper!

By Martin Schwede

The Southern Brisbane Sportfishing Club (SBSFC) was formed in 1995 by a band of dedicated anglers. Members of the club participate in a wide variety of fishing, including lure casting and trolling, fly fishing and live baiting. SBSFC Club members fish over a number of locations, from Northern New South Wales for trout, to our northern estuaries and impoundments for barramundi and mangrove jacks. The club also regularly fishes the estuaries and freshwater impoundments around Southeast Queensland, and enjoy the company and conversation that follows a great day on the water. The Club is involved in the fish tagging program administered by the Department of Primary Industries, and is also affiliated with the Australian National Sportfishing Association (ANSA), which promotes sensible conservation while enjoying the sport. A fishing trip is organised every month to different locations to cater for the wide range of varying interests in fishing outings among the club members. The club meets on the first Tuesday of every month at the Beenleigh Neighbourhood Centre, 10 James Street, Beenleigh. The meetings feature a speaker on fishing related subjects. If SBSFC sounds like the club you are interested in joining, come along to one of our meetings and see for yourself. Check the club out on or join our Facebook group Southern Brisbane Sport Fishing Club. For further information, contact Ross Williamson on 0407 157 870 or email


(Published in October – December 2019 edition)